MS Lists not available in O365

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I am unable to see Microsoft list in my O365 account

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Rollout started this week and it's going to finish by the end of august, so it's a question of time you have it in your tenant

@praveenkandari  while @Juan Carlos González Martín is totally correct it is just a matter of time and some patience but here is the post I made on the Tech Community about how you can use with this quick around trick if you are on the first release.

@PDostiyar I can see the Lists app on my dashboard but when i go into it it opens a blank page.  Seems strange that they would put it on my list of apps without it being ready or am i misreading it.  Tried it on the new Edge and Chrome.



@Shane O' Malley 


I think issue has been found. "Lists" no longer on my available apps so must have been put up before it was ready.  

@Shane O' Malley  Correct as it is still being roll-out some people will see it now some later. depend on the release channel you are if that is general release or targeted release as said it is just a matter of patience if we are on targeted releases should get by next week and also in August everyone will get it.


still, you should be able to use it using the workaround I shared above....

@PDostiyar Checked and i am on the targeted release but the workaround still gives me a blank page. 

Will leave it a while. Just avoiding doing proper work by checking out new apps.  :smile:

@Shane O' Malley - I see a blank page in one tenant but it loads in another. The tenant that gives me a blank page appears to have some 500 errors when opening the browser dev tools so I'm thinking it is there but something is blocking the loading for that domain (which I don't have control of). The tenant where it loads is my personal O365 tenant where I have almost all things default. Still trying to narrow down why it's not completely loading in the blank page tenant, but maybe the 500 errors are due to it not existing just yet.

@Jer Harwood I believe that is the case. It has not been turned on for our tenant yet. MS Support said i will be notified when it is available.

@Shane O' Malley , @Jer Harwood Did you ever get the Lists web app, or hear from Microsoft with a timeline? We still don't have it in our tenant, and we're really anxious after Microsoft released all these videos showing the cool features we're missing, like rules. When I go to (I assume that's what the url will be?), I just see this:






@m36five - Yes, it is in both tenants I have access to Microsoft lists now, but it's not on the app launcher in one of them yet. The location is within your OneDrive site (aka - My Site from years ago). Just go to OneDrive and change the very last part of the URL from onedrive.aspx to lists.aspx


..and the new features are for all lists so if you don't see the features that were talked about in your SharePoint team site lists then they're not rolled out to you yet, but you may still see the new lists interface at that URL.

@Jer Harwood Thanks! That hack works to open the web page. I don't yet see the "Create rule" option under Automate, like demoed in this section of the Microsoft video. I'm guessing you see that option in your tenant that has the app in the launcher but not in the other tenant, and I just need to be patient? Since my original post, I was told by MSFT that the rollout of the app in the launcher is expected to complete by the end of Oct. 2020.




I don't have the options for rules in either tenant and haven't seen any mention of them yet in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center messages where all the other announcements are made. It's amusing that the little intro splash window mentions rules yet they're not there yet. I did also notice the URL within the Lists "area" is just appending this to the end of the list actual URL:

Removing it takes you to the familiar SharePoint site list and adding it to any other SP list will bring you into the new lists experience. I imagine rules are "on the way" as many things showcased that don't have specific time frames.

@Jer Harwood 

I still dont have it on the app list but can access using the onedrive url with "lists" substituted for Onedrive.  I have lists available in Teams but impossible to properly test or train the use of lists without it being fully rolled out. 

My understanding was that it should have been fully rolled out by now but can't find a timeline now. Anyone have a clearer idea of progress?


@Shane O' Malley 

From the Microsoft 365 Admin Message Center:


Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 64160
Timing: Roll out is complete for organizations enabled for Targeted release. Rollout for Standard release organizations has started and will complete end of November 2020

Worked! Thanks for this tip!

@Arrington_A did the options for create or manage rule

@Jer Harwood 02-05-21 and I still dont have the updates for Lists.  Any idea when the "Rules" option will be available for everyone and when I will be able to access the "List" app in Teams??