Mixing Migration Tools (ShareGate Desktop and Metalogix Content Matrix)

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Note: I also posted this question to the SharePoint community.  I'm working on a migration of a single site collection with over 400 sites and 200 GB of content.  I've evaluated both ShareGate Desktop and Metalogix Content Matrix and found pros and cons with each.  We are looking to buy both to save money on labor by using the best of both tools.  Has anyone ever tried this, mixing and matching tool sets for migrating from SharePoint on premises (in our case SharePoint 2010) to SharePoint Online (Office 365)?  If so, tips/tricks, warnings, etc...

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@Talbott Crowell This response is WAY over due but I will still comment. Perhaps you or someone else may benefit for this. 


You are right in the fact that ShareGate Desktop and Metalogix's Content Matrix have their own strengths. I, however, do think that owning both of these products is overkill. It's like going on a road trip with an extra car battery ... you know, just in case. I, personally, don't see any hiccup with using both tools, even if being used concurrently. As a precaution, may be make sure the source and destination are different.