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Hi All,


I have well over 1000 .doc files that I need to convert to .docx files for viewing and editing from IPads. The .doc files cannot be edited and need to be converted .docx files to allow editing via IPad pen through OneDrive etc ..



I have done a lot of research and there doesn’t seem to be any free tools to allow me to do this. Just to be clear I do not need to rename the files to docx, I need to fully convert them xml format that docx uses. I have used quite a few tools from Microsoft and different VB and PowerShell scrips.


While most of these appear to change the file to .docx and even removes the source .doc file, the new .docx files are left in a compatibility state. Meaning I need to open the file and choose “Convert” then save. With 1000's of .doc files this is not feasible.


Technology .

.doc files appear to be from Office 2007 and 2003 versions of Office.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro 1803 with Office 365 E3 I have used various tools and scripts from my laptop, Windows 2008 R2, 2012R2 and Server 2016R2



Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.


Many thanks,

Vinny Curley

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Have you already tried this one: ?


Hi Salvatore,


Thank you kindly for your prompt response.

I did not find this application while researching so thank you.

From what the site says, it should do what I need it to do.

However, It will not install. I have attached the error. I've tried on some new different flavours of Windows. I'll contact their support and see what the issue is.  I'll report back as soon as I can.

Again, thank you very much for replying.





Hi Salvatore,


Thanks to your link I was able to find a free app that works perfect. The conversion creates a full .docx file that requires no convert option and also delete the source .doc files.


Its a full version to test for 30 days. A pop comes up ever few minutes to stop scripting but it's fine for my use as I only need to convert a bunch of .doc's.


I'm marking your reply as the best response as I found this on the same Google search page as your sugestion.


Many thanks,





@Salvatore BiscariThis response is still relevant today.  It helped me.  Wanted to jot the note so that other would be aware that this is still a good solution for doc file conversions.

@Salvatore Biscari 


Yes, this did work, but it did not create a thumbnail of the docx file viewable in windows explorer.  I still had to open the file and save as a docx to get the thumbnail image of the file.  :(


Do you know of a converter that will create the thumbnail?  Thanks.



@Salvatore Biscari It worked really well. Thank you!