Link to SharePoint Online site doesn't show up in Groups, Teams, SharePoint Admin center.

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I had an HR person send me a message as it seemed that PowerAutomate wasn't working.


I am a Teams and SharePoint Online Admin and I looked in Groups

(could NOT find OnboardingHRonlyPeople)


 in Teams

(could NOT find OnboardingHRonlyPeople)


SharePoint Online

(could NOT find OnboardingHRonlyPeople) 

I am able to get to the site and the title is different than the URL - I altered the title HR Operations - xxxxxx

I searched for that title in the above link in SPO and it doesn't show up.

I asked my Global Admin on the tenant and they can't find it either.


How can it exist if it's not in Teams / Groups / SharePoint Online? It is a modern site as I tied it to the HR hub site (just to see if it could "connect") .... yet it is just "there" yet "not."


Any thoughts?





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@Matthew Carter  Mostly it happens if that site is associated with the private channel so you will not be able to find that in the Admin center and also no group associated with this, but recently there is a new update which most of the tenant has got you are now able to see the private channels child site in the admin center.


if you believe that is not a child site, then you maybe be able to search the site using the display name, also the same will have group email, and Teams created which all should have a same display name and you can find it in any of the places either in Teams, Groups, or Sharepoint Admins centers.