How to esclate an issue that has not be resolved. Service Request: 1523583597

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I have an issue where I have been unable to use my on line email account.  For some reason the account will not allow me to delete items and I've run over my 50GB limit.


I've had this ticket open for a week now and they keep telling me someone is looking into the issue as a bug but in the mean time I'm unable to send or receive emails.


They also say I'm at tier3 and there is no further escalations can be done.  Is anyone out there able to assist or give me direction how to get this issue resolved?





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Well tech support called me today to explain the problem was that only allows the users to delete 30GB of data every 30 days.  They say if you go over that amount your account is locked from deleting any more data.


I find it hard to believe that they block you from deleting your old emails.  Who has every heard of blocking users from deleting data or such craziness as putting a cap on how much you can delete.


I'm going to try to speak with a supervisor tomorrow to see if I can get something done.  At this point I'm thinking that is not worth the fee they charge.


One other point the tech support agent said it was against Microsoft policy to give out there supervisors name.  Does anyone know if that is true?