📈 How to create a Gantt Chart view in Microsoft or SharePoint Lists



In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to change the view in a Microsoft or SharePoint List, setting up a Gantt Chart.

We'll go through a modern technique that allows us to change the look and feel of a List.

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Good video, easy to understand and follow.
Great to learn about Grantt chart view in MS List. Would it be possible to have multiple entries for Project A and show in one Grantt Chart ?
Hi, yes by changing the JSON is possible
This is awesome — how could I account for tasks/projects that begin in one year and continue to the next? I.e. in the example there are only months 1-12, but how could I set it up to contain 2-3 years of month ranges?

@Giuliano De Lucathanks for this tutorial!
I am experiencing a similar use case to other people in this thread.

My items have start - end date ranges that go across more than 1 year.

What would be the ideal JSON structure to visualize these types of tasks?

Appreciate your support.

Thanks @perrigiu for your feedback I'll make another video to cover this scenario
I’m looking forward to that video!


Here is a web part on the store which can be used to display a Gantt chart for a List, with more advanced options, and embedded in a page: