Groups not showing up in Outlook 2016

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I have Groups setup in 365 but I cannot see them in the left panel of Outlook 2016, and when I browse for Groups, I do not see the Groups. Any ideas? Thank you.

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Some users have reported with the Outlook 2016 client that this is because the client is not in cached mode (something to check). More have reported - and I think that this is more the case - that it needs to be enabled in powershell as they are hidden by default.

Let me know how it goes!

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Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply. I am using cached mode. I will look at the Powershell options.

Hi Chris,


I get an error when trying to run Powershell script:

Have you run as administrator, connected to Office 365 Powershell and have the cmdlets installed?

If that doesn't work then I would recommend seeing if a profile recreation resolves it as per article here

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When I login to my Outlook on the web and do Discover Groups, I can search and find a couple of my groups but others do not show. I am wondering if the Groups that don't appear were setup incorrectly. When I look in the Admin of 365, all the Groups are setup as Office 365 group type. I did notice that the group aliases for the groups that do show up have a weird address that looks like this:



and the groups that do not show up do not have that

Are these groups create when you create a team in Team? Or did you create them from outlook?

The groups that I cannot find were created in Teams and the groups that I can find were created in 365 Admin

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This is by default!!

To get them visible in outlook use powershell with the option:


- set to false
See here for instructions:

Hi guys,

Think Adam and I think the same: usually due to being hidden.

Tim - have you connected to Office 365 in Powershell, run as admin and have the right comforts installed otherwise powershell won’t work.

Best, Chris
You need to import and use the Exchange Online PowerShell module in order to use the set-unifiedgroup cmdlet

Yeah! I might have missed some of your posts @Chris Hoard :)

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Thanks to both Adam and Chris! I will try to get Powershell to work and let you know if I need further assistance. Appreciate the help so far!

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I ran the PowerShell scripts and I can now see the Teams groups inside my Outlook under Groups. How do I get those emails in my inbox instead?

What are you trying to achieve?

In Outlook if a message comes to the group, I want it to show up in the Inbox not under the Group in the Group tab on the left pane of Outlook. make sense? sorry if I am making this confusing

You can only send copies of mail that go to Office 365 groups to members inboxes. AFAIK you can’t divert it to go to your inbox and not others. You wouldn’t want an office 365 group for that, more like a distribution list.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris
You can subscribe to the group via outlook to receive mail in your own mailbox! If that’s what you mean :)