Emails going to junk folder

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So many legitimate emails are ending up in the Junk folder. So far I have


* Disabled the junk filter in Outlook

* Disabled the junk filter in OWA

* Disabled the junk filter in EAC > Protection


Yet emails still end up in the Junk folder. What am I missing?


Nb: We have external junk filtering.

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The first thing you need to do is find out who is marking the messages as junk. If it's the external filtering service, none of the changes you've made will have effect.

The external filter is not marking the message as spam (email header: "X-SpamReason: No").

I would run a message trace on O365 side as well, just to make sure that the server didn't mark the message as junk. If you are certain Outlook did it, there are few things to check as listed here:

@jamesvdmI think the prescribed method with O365/Outlook 2016 is to "train" the AI by dragging the email from the junk mail folder back to your inbox. You may have to do it a couple of times but shortly Outlook will learn that emails from respective senders are not junk mail and they will be routed to the proper folders.


Good luck.



One if the problems with training outlook, or adding senders to a safe list, is that it requires regular attention to the Junk folder. which rather defeats the purpose of automatic filtering. As an example (I'm in the UK) I had an email confirmation today regarding a driver's licence change from which was identified as junk. Eventually when the email did not arrive in my inbox I realized what had happened and retrieved it. It seems to me that any automated method will produce false results when dealing with occasional emails from legitimate sources. As it does not seem possible to turn off junk filtering I did the brute force solution of writing a rule to send all mails to the Inbox without any further processing. Will this work, who knows? luckily I don't get enough junk mail to worry about it.

@jamesvdm  I would suggest to start directly from an EMT (Extended Message Trace) and then read the RAW Data field in the CSV you get. It should display, why it is being Tagged as SPAM and where (through Transport Rule or Protection Filtering/Malware/SPam in mail flow section.  i recently investigated a couple and found it was because of the Tagging at the Spam ( EOP GLobal Level), hence i had mark them as safe sender at my Protection level to correct this issue. Training the OUtook can be an option for specific sender or domains only. but for bulk (depending upon the type of emails like pop-ups, marketing, ads) this may not be helpful much as the External domains keep changing and adding up at the global network.


Let me know how it goes.


Cheers !

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