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Hi all,

What is the way to determine if my organisation has got Azure AD Premium subscription in o365?

Many thanks for your help.

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Are you just a user, or a global administrator? If you're a global administrator you can check "Licenses" under "Billing" in the Office 365 Admin center, or through the Azure portal at "Licenses" under "Azure Active Directory".

If you're not, you can check if you have a premium license but if you don't, that doesn't mean that the organisation haven't bought any. You can check what you have assign to you by going to (or clicking your avatar in the right corner and select "Account").

So this isn't 100% accurate as you can have Azure AD Premium without having it appear in when looking at your licenses. An Azure AD Premium subscription is also included in SKUs such as EMS licenses and Microsft 365 licenses (b/c those also include EMS).  So, if you go out and get EMS E5 or Microsoft E5, you'll have Azure AD Premium P2, but it won't be called out specifically in your list of licenses.  So, you have to know what plans do/don't include various levels of Azure AD Premium.


Another option, if you go to you should have a tile in the upper left that shows your Azure AD license. If it doesn't show up, you can edit the dashboard and add the "Organization Identity" tile.  This should show you the Azure AD license level you have.





Does it mean Ms Office365  E5 license automatically gets AD premium license. If so can upgrade all users to office365 E5 and migrate from onprem AD to cloud? @Ben Stegink 

@Prasant ChettriO365 E5 licenses do not automatically get AAD P1, to do that you need the EMS licensing or you can get AAD P1 by itself.

What @Dean Gross said. It's EMS that gives you AD Premium. But, EMS E3/E5 comes with Microsoft 365 E3/E5 respectively (not be confused with Office 365 E3/E5). Or you can just go purchase EMS, or you can purchase AAD Premium. Those are all valid options for how you can AAD Premium. 

@Dean Gross Sounds like MS created lot of confusion with naming convention like Office 365 and Microsoft 365 adding similar series like E3 and E5 which lead to multiple forum and pages trying to clarify same convoluted naming convention on WVD forum, AD premium forum or Intone forum