Your admin has updated your settings. Some of your pinned apps may have moved.

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We are getting the message - "Your admin has updated your settings. Some of your pinned apps may have moved." for the pinned apps. The apps that were pinned earlier seems to dissapear after some time. We have confirmed that we have allowed user pinning in Teams Apps setup policies.

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Same problem here! We have also allowed user pinning in Teams apps Setup policies
Same problem here? Anyone else having this issue?

I have a client experiencing this same issue.


I have opening up a case with microsoft and have begun looking into it with them. Based on what we find, i will update this thread.


I will say that I expect it to be something bigger than just a setting, the fact that multiple people have been having this issue in the last week all of the sudden seems to point to a back end issue, or a change in something that is perhaps not working right.

Regardless I will do my best to find the problem, and once we have follow up here to try to help everyone else out.



Same problem here? Anyone else having this issue?

@Adam Ochs Same problem here, for months. 365 admin confirmed settings are correct to allow for pinning. 

Same problem here!

We have also allowed user pinning in Teams apps Setup policies.

Anyone that has found a solution yet?

@Prabinesh We are also having similar issues. And it happens even when we don't log out...

@PrabineshAre you an education establishment?

If yes then Pinning apps isn't possible, I found it out last month from an engineer.  It is being worked on and should be fixed this month apparently.

@Deleted Yes, we have educational licenses. That is the explanation then. Thank you for clearing this up, at least for me!

Thank you . We also have similar issue and we have an educational license. 

Hope it get fixed by this month. 


Our entire organization including admins are experiencing this same annoying issue. We are a higher ed institution, however we do not use the "assignments" feature because we employ a different LMS. Assignments tab keeps popping up confusing our students/teachers/employees. All policies have been reviewed and are set correctly; yet this issue persists. Is there any information on this?

@DaymrEducation tenants have the Assignments icon pinned to the left bar no matter what. Going to this area within the Teams admin portal shows this message at the top of the screen: "Because you have at least one Office 365 Education license, the Assignments app will be automatically included in each app setup policy". The Assignments app doesn't even show up in the list of available apps, but it is pinned no matter what.


If you have the "allow user pinning" option set so the user can pin an app, they pin one and then it gets removed a few minutes later. I think what is happening is that this hidden super-policy to make sure education tenants always see the Assignments app doesn't play nice and overrides that user pinning setting.



That is the information I got from the engineers

@Deleted Is there an open ticket number that we can reference?  We are also higher ed, and seeing the same issue.

Haven't got one that's open, my ticket was 19235319

We just opened a new one if anybody else wants to reference it.  19722242‎

@mike_b80We opened one as well. It seems that this is gaining traction with the support apparatus within Microsoft, based on the interactions between the engineer assigned to the case and our TAM.


Pushing the Assignments app and the Classroom variant of Teams is great, but forcing schools to see it who aren't ever going to use it or who aren't ready to use it is not the way to drive adoption.

@Prabinesh Is Microsoft even going to respond to this.  Our rep said that MS is working hard to improve Teams to compete with Zoom but then they cannot get an Admin setting to work.  

Apparently (from a Teams thread in MS Teams)

"Teams Services Deployments are blocked for any bug fixes unless it is a COVID-19 capacity related change."