Yammer Viva Engage Connector to Channels Continuously Disconnecting

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Hi all,

LINK TO MICROSOFT ANSWERS POST includes screenshots of errors

We had a Yammer connection to various channels that is now disconnecting regardless of efforts to re-connect. This seems to be since the change over to Viva Engage.

The Problem

"The Yammer connector will no longer send updates because the account Cate Vieira used to connect to the service has expired or access has been revoked. To restore service, Cate Vieira needs to manage the configuration by visiting the connector management page and re-authorizing the account."

Even after removing, reconnecting, and reconfiguring, the connector will still disconnect


What I've Tried

  1. Removing Yammer connector completely

  2. Logging out and Logging In

  3. Closing Teams and Reopening Teams

  4. Trying to re-set it up on Mac

  5. Trying to re-set it up on Teams for Web

  6. Managing connector to remove notifications and re-adding them

  7. Having another user try to set up the connector

  8. Restarting my computer entirely


I have tried every possible option and there are always 2 results:

  1. It immediately throws the above quoted error

  2. It works for a few hours/days and then throws the above quoted error

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