Windows Snap Layout not supported


Teams doesn't work with Windows Snap layout feature. Hovering over the Maximize icon, teams doesn't provide the standard windows options that other apps provide.
Also it doesn't work with Groups of Windows that are in the Snap layout.

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Does anyone know why Snap Layouts don't work with Teams?

@jpwbikes I've noticed that hovering over the maximize button doesn't invoke the snap layouts window, but the shortcut key (win+z) works.

Well, that's annoying. Microsoft...are you listening?
Thanks, this is a welcome tip. It also works to select another window/app first to snap and then select the Teams app in the proposed apps for the next snap.

@42George  Yes, I know that.  But why does Teams not follow the standard like the rest of the Office applications?

@Paul_Siess If you have an up to date version of Windows you can drag the Teams window to the top of the screen and select a snap location from there.


Quite why it doesn't work on the hover I don't know, but the current Teams Desktop app is not much more than a wrapper on the web site using the Electron framework. That's going to be replaced later this year with something more native so I would hope this capability gets solved.

Thanks @Steven Collier. I'll look forward to the new version.
I'm using a preview version of Teams right now that supports snap layouts, so there's a sign a fix may be in an upcoming release.
Thanks @neclamchowder. Is the preview version publicly available?
It appears this is only internal right now.

@Ketan Ghelani  Supported by Google Chat though! 

@natesmeeth   Now how is that helpful for Teams users?  Sheesh.

It provides humor to ease the tension caused by the frustration of a Microsoft product not having the native capability to utilize a feature within its own platform. It was my hope, considering this is a social 'community', that my facetiousness would be a method to insert some humanity and help build a stronger connection through a simple text window.


This is annoying me. I have to use Teams because company asked. I miss slack/zoom.

@natesmeeth Works just fine in the Public Preview of the new Teams.

Hoping Teams will work with hovering over max icon in a future iteration. I don't know how many times I've tried to snap Teams by moving my cursor over the maximize icon!

@Ketan Ghelani I have found that though Teams does respond to snap layouts, it does not fit within the 1/4 screen division and extends well beyond it.