When the meeting starts, we’ll let people know

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I had a meeting with work today, I was stuck with the screen “when the meeting starts, we’ll let people know you’re waiting” despite the meeting having been already started, me retrying to get in and links being re sent to me. Please help as really can’t afford to miss another one.
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This is normally happens when you join the meeting as an external user or joined by dialing into conference number, you have to wait in the meeting lobby until someone admit into the meeting 

either Organizer or other participants will get a notification that someone is waiting in the lobby "please admit or reject "@ellie112 


Please confirm the settings 





Thanks for posting the issue in this forum.


"When the meeting starts, we'll let people know you're waiting." this means, Host or organizer needs to allow/accept you in the meeting. Until you're in the lobby.




@limson louise that i'm waiting to get in this happens sometimes.

This bug has been reported many times over the past 2-3 years but has yet to be fixed.
When a Microsoft Teams meeting is organized by person in Company A with somebody in Company B, the organizer sometimes receives the following message. "When the meeting starts, we'll let people know you're waiting".
Neither the organizer or the participant can enter the meeting. However, this does not occur on every occasion indicating that this is bug rather than an admin setting.
A workaround is for the person in Company B to set up the meeting inviting the person from Company A. However, this is not ideal since you don't know which meetings this bug will effect.
When will Microsoft fix this issue? 
PS this issue never occurs with Zoom (or other competitor products), reflecting the superior market share enjoyed by Zoom!



Same issue here. The whole team can't work properly with clients accounts because of it. 

The outlook is synched with both email addresses but we can only use one Teams account without an issue. Usually the one we are logged in on the Teams app. 

I'm guessing allowing additional clients accounts on Teams would solve the issue.

When will Microsoft fix it? 

This is major problem with Teams and it is driving me crazy with wasted time and embarrassing inefficiency. There is no apparent cause or user attribution so it's impossible to fix and I end up using zoom which is far more reliable. Sort this out Microsoft it is pathetic.
there is no 'normal' to this problem it hits at random. Both parties have the same message and no one is able to admit anyone into the meeting regardless of who set up the meeting. its a stalemate

@Sarah_G210    Wow.  I would imagine MS has the resources to fix this problem given how old it is.  I just  email-migrated our little company to MS for email and MS O365 Premium.  This is supposed to include Teams.   Tried to do a meeting last night and no one (including me) could get in.  We had to use zoom.

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For starters, this is not a bug. Rather it's the Teams app that doesn't handle multi-accounts / multi-tenants particular well at this point. In general you should be signed in to Teams desktop and Outlook desktop with the same account to avoid issues. When clicking a meeting link and being signed in to Teams, you need to be signed in with the associated account/org. to which the invite was sent (or enter as anonymous guest not signed in). If not Teams is going to use the signed in account/org. credentials trying to access a meeting in which they weren't invited to, hence being stuck in the lobby as not being recognized (that is if not "everyone" is allowed).


So this is a combination of using the Lobby options as an organizer and which tenant you're currently signed in to.


Using InPrivate / Incognito browser sessions is an alternative if having issues with the app.


Choose who can bypass the lobby

Change participant settings for a Teams meeting (


For a deep dive Meeting Lobby Behavior in Microsoft Teams : Jeff Schertz's Blog

@Simon_Ogden it's madness isn't it ?! Makes me angry that MS can't be bothered to sort it out they are so arrogant.  And I agree Zoom far more reliable. 

fine unless the organiser has the same message in which case nothing can happen. that's the issue
no-one gets the lobby message - everyone is waiting regardless of who set up the meeting in what account. this is not a user-stupidity issue (of which I am often guilty) it's an actual MS Teams issue which is very random thus impossible to diagnose..
I think this is definitely a problem as you describe, (I do have several accounts) however it's not always the case as I've experienced it when signed in consistently. The other meeting attendee is definitely only on one sign-in as they are on a corporate set-up and they see the same issue.
So two things for MS to sort out
1) Make it work for those of us (on the massive increase) who work in more than one capacity
2) fix the problem in general so it's not creating a stalemate with both parties unable to enter meeting
yep I primarily use Zoom. It's just better. Google Meet quite good too - been trying that recently
...and yes of course they have the resources .... they are just too arrogant and blinkered to care about user experience outside of corporate walls. But as those are crumbling they'll need to rethink their game imo!
and that's fine and obvious .....unless the other party has the same message in which case it's a stalemate.
Hello again, well I do not want to sound impolite in any way. But when understanding how the lobby works as to which identity you are things gets more clear. You simply don't end up in the lobby for some strange reason, it's all being decided by two things: the identity and the configured lobby settings. Those two needs to be understood.

For the record I know that Microsoft are working on an improved "join experience" in general.
Hi there, instead of this complaining. Give us your exact scenario when this is happening, step-by-step and walk us through and I will assist. Who's inviting who, what account is signed into Teams, which account was the invite sent to, which meeting lobby setting is used and so on..

It's not a bug, and it's not difficult when you know what you are doing.

In general, sign out manually from the top right corner in Teams and back in with the account which you want to use. Preferably the same account as you use with your Outlook client. Then either schedule your meeting in your calendar or enter an already scheduled meeting in your calendar.