What field shows underneath the display name in a Teams search?

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Does anyone know what and where the data-field is that shows underneath the display name in a Teams search?


We changed the username, email address, display name, first name, last name on the account when a new employee took over the role, and it's correct everywhere, EXCEPT the Teams search.  Teams search shows the old employee's (first.last) under the display name.  It's been 4 to 5 days, we've logged out and back in, etc.  Nothing seems to help, so I'm wondering if there's a field we missed. 


We've changed accounts before when people get married, and those show up correctly.  It's just this one account that seems to be stuck on the old employee.



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Thanks @ChristianJBergstrom , the same issue happens on the web version of Teams (using an InPrivate window, etc), so I haven't done an app cache delete yet.


This darn field only appears when people use Teams search and the pop-up suggestion appears.  The actual search (after pressing enter) doesn't have the (first.last) name appearing anywhere. 


Any additional places to check is appreciated.