Webcam rotated 90 degrees in Teams Meeting

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I am using an Asus T100HA with the Teams application for meetings.   If I try to switch on Video my image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise and I cannot find anywhere to adjust the settings.  

Other things to note:

  1. Webcam is fine in Skype (Microsoft App)
  2. Webcam is find in Camera (Microsoft App)
  3. Webcam is fine with Zoom
  4. Driver is up to date. Running Windows 10.
  5. Before someone suggests rotating the tablet 90 degrees bear in mind it makes the attached keyboard a little difficult to use.

This is a major problem that seems to have been around for a long time.   The problem is clearly in Teams as other (Microsoft) apps work fine.  How do I fix this?

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@Headwesty Hi, could you verify that your tablet mode settings are as follows?


Settings->Tablet mode->When I sign in->Use tablet mode
Settings->Tablet mode->When this device...tablet mode on or off->Always ask me before switching

Restart the computer.


It has helped with this problem in the past in both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Atleast it is a work-around for this specific problem.





Hi @Viktor Hedberg 


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.  Unfortunately I tried all of this and my webcam remains stubbornly rotated.  May have to abandon Teams and go back to something that works.


I am baffled as to why Microsoft can have two apps that work and one that doesn't.  I assume there is just no shared code in all these apps and they do their own thing.  Teams is the newest (and worst) of all these applications for video meeting...



I have the same 90 degree rotation problem in the browser app on a laptop. And this happens only in Edge, because in Chrome is ok.

Also in the Teams Desktop App I don't have this problem... so what's the catch with Edge except is not supported for using the Office 365 Admin centers?... is not supported also for using the rest of the 365 apps?


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So my Asus T100HA updated Windows 10 last week (so that's what it had been up to...) and the webcam is fixed in Teams.  Better late than never!

Hi @Headwesty ,


Unfortunately, I'm wasn't so lucky. Couple of days ago I updated to Windows 10 version 1903 (OS Build 18362.356) but the problem is still the same. In Edge my webcam is rotated, in the other browsers... NOT.


Maybe on the next version... :unamused:


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Any update on this problem? Is still happening on EDGE and ONLY EDGE. All other apps are showing the camera correctly, Chrome will also show the camera correctly (unfortunately Mozilla is not supported).

So what is the problem with EDGE - the most promoted browser on Microsoft environment?...



I discovered I have the same issue. Teams desktop app, (when I can log in!) the camera is fine, but when using the web app, it's rotated 90 deg clockwise. Spent a bit of time looking for settings, but there aren't any associated with camera rotation. All other apps on the laptop use the camera correctly orientated.

I just solved the problem by downloading the New Edge


I have the opposite. At the webApp the camera is OK and at the Teams Windows App, the camera is 90º rotated. 
I don´t understand! As I can verify, this is an old issue, and it´s not resolved yet. 
At Skype business, I have the same problem, but with a difference, at Teams, if I g to the setting, the camera is, already 90º rotated. At the Skype settings, the camera is OK, but at video calls, the camera is rotated 90º.

@Headwesty are you using Teams desktop app or ?

The clue is in the solution i.e. I downloaded the ‘New Edge’ browser. So I was using The desktop Teams app always had my video the right way up for me.

@LucianC  So frustrated! Teams also rotates my image 90 degrees. Looked online and took a responder's suggestion to install latest version of Edge (whatever that is - I had a problem with Teams). Did it but all it was was some annoying news feed. Uninstalled it. The problem was TEAMS and this responder just started talking about Edge.  So I assumed that Teams is a part of Edge (like Word is a part of Office) but she never mentioned what Edge was. I looked online and can't find if Teams is part of Edge.  (Maybe the responder just wanted to talk about Edge for a while rather than answer the question of why Teams image is sideways.)  Then I read your post and discovered that Edge is a browser!  Huh!  I've always shied away from anything but Google because twice I had to download another browser (Firefox and Chrome) for some application and they screwed up my computer something fierce!  Trying to stay on topic but these things have a way of growing tentacles.  All I want is to not look like the odd duck in a Teams meeting that has their laptop on its side.  (In fact, that's exactly what I do during a Teams meeting which makes it REALLY difficult to use the mouse for muting and un-muting!)

@dread2460  When was the last time you tried uninstalling then re-installing Teams? I did it again on Monday, and it appears that a lot of these bugs have been corrected now. Give it a go. 

Well.... finally, after about one year of scratching the walls, it seems that at least in my case the problem was "magically" solved.

Probably Microsoft realised what is the problem... and without installing any new Edge or any other applications, but the usual application & security updates it seems that I have proper rotation in "old Edge"... better later than never... :stareyes:


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@Headwesty I have read all the possible solutions and found them all wrong.  One of the solutions was to upgrade your Edge browser to the new Chrome version, stating it was a problem with the old Edge browser but not in the new one.  However, I am using the new Chrome version and it is still a problem.  The issue is not with the browser and not with Teams.  It is an issue with the Office 365 Webcam software that evaluates a vertical photo looking at how tall the photo is.  If it is taller than most portrait type photo's it will set it to be in landscape mode when displayed.  I noticed that my rotated photo was a bit taller than my regular photos when being compared side by side in the file browser.  I then used the photo edit mode to shorten the photo by slight adjustments to the top and bottom margins and resaved it.  When downloading the cropped photo, it would now display in the required vertical format.