We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later

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One of my coworkers keeps getting the following error when trying to schedule a Teams meeting in outlook: "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later."
I'm aware there are a lot of posts about this allready, but none of them gave me a solution for my problem. 
He's signed in to the same account in teams as his office account selected in the outlook settings. 
Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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I'd suggest to isolate further the issue by accessing the web counter-part by then you'll be able to figure it out if the issue reside on profile-level or desktop-level.


  • Create meetings in Teams web
    • > Calendar Icon > create a meeting
  • Create meetings in Outlook on the web(formerly OWA)
    •> Calendar Icon > create a meeting

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@vincent_oliviers  have you find the way to fix it,, cause problem is happen to me too. thx.


To fix Outlook's Calendar's new MS Teams meeting message, "we couldn't schedule the meeting"

1. Login as the user & do all the follower AS THE USER

2. Kill/Quit Outlook.  Kill/Quit MS Teams.
3. Again install MS Teams (there is no need to uninstall first) via MS website:
4. Launch Teams, at top-right click the MS Teams avatar > check for updates > ..wait almost 2 minutes and at top center of Teams screen it likely will state, "We've updated the app. Please refresh now" at which time please click that message to relaunch Teams.
5. After Teams FULLY opens up (which usually takes 15 seconds after the Teams app window opens), then launch Outlook.
6. Wait about 30 seconds and go to the Calendar and then the Teams icon should be present & should function properly again.

Sadly, that has not fixed the problem.
The button is available, but the error "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later" still appears when clicking the teams meeting button :\



didn't work for me - still get same "we couldn't schedule the meeting. try again later' nonsense - 

Still no resolution to this problem?

Like others in this thread, the very un-informative error "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later." remains, despite installing Teams again.



Please make sure that you’ve signed into Outlook and Teams with the same account. And you go to Teams admin center to check if the required options are selected:




In addition, you can also ask the 2 users to repair the Office 365 suite to check if the issue persists.



What version of Office are they using? 
Our employees are on Office 2016 as a local PC install and also Terminal Server installations - both work.

Also, for testing, have the user log on via the web to as their Active Directory user ID and primary domain (i.e. ficticious  Then have them go to the web's Calendar and try scheduling a "New Event" a Teams there (the "Teams" slider is located the center of the popup).


Let us know how it goes.

@Deleted wrote:



Please make sure that you’ve signed into Outlook and Teams with the same account. And you go to Teams admin center to check if the required options are selected:




In addition, you can also ask the 2 users to repair the Office 365 suite to check if the issue persists.


Mine is a personal account. It appears I have no access to the Teams Administration Center.


My Outlook account configured on the Outlook (desktop) application is an account. It's the same account into which I log in, to access MS Teams.


I repaired Office 365; not the "quick repair," but the full repair. However, following the repair I find the problem still exists.



Ahh, you are using a personal account...


First thing, if the email used to sign in to Teams is not a MICROSOFT account (@hotmail, @outlook, @live, or @ a paid-subscription's email address), then given the tests I just ran, it will not allow you to use Teams to schedule, nor to email.   

For instance, in my testing, I have an MS Teams account that logs in with an email address.  I even have that @gmail account invited as a Teams guest into my corporate account.  When I logon to web page with that @gmail address, then any calendar item I set and any email I send via the web page are not received by the recipient, nor do I get an error message from MS in the web page's inbox (although the sent folder shows the items as sent, and the calendar appointment shows on the web page).


So, at this time, if your Teams account a non-paid subscription and does not use a Microsoft account like @hotmail, @outlook, @live , then my tests currently show that you will be unable to schedule meetings via MS Teams or via the web or desktop apps.


If you are using a "Teams Free (non-paid subscription)" with a personal Microsoft account (,, to sign in to Teams, then you can only schedule via the web page ( or and it does so using Skype. This means your corporate invitees will have to join the meeting with Skype.  I'll cover the "easy" method for invitees to join in a moment.

So, as a test, I used my personal Hotmail account and the MS Teams app lacked a calendar option altogether.  However,  my (same as & web page logon's Calendar did allow me to properly send an invite to my corporate account as a Skype meeting.

I did this via the Hotmail web page at top left clicking the grid (menu) > CALENDAR > NEW EVENT > in popup bottom right click MORE OPTIONS > at center of that popup click SKYPE MEETING (paid Office 365 subscribers instead see "Teams Meeting").

I was able to start the meeting with my Hotmail web page's Calendar appointment.

If the invitee has the paid subscription of Skype for Business then it should go smoothly for them. 

Otherwise, when they click their calendar to join the meeting, then a webpage launches.  To make things easy, they can just join as a GUEST and will not have to install anything (it initiates as just a text chat, so at top right you can click the Camera or Microphone to start a "call" and then the other participants need to click at top right "join call").

Whewh... That was a lot of testing.



Whewh... That was a lot of testing.




Yes, that does sound like a great deal of testing. Your reply correctly anticipated the possibility I am using an account. Thanks for that. Although I don't understand why this difference in Teams is necessary, now that you've explained the limitations, I can worth with those. 


I greatly appreciate the time you spent on this.


Now I'm off to remove the useless Teams Meeting tool, from my Outlook (desktop) toolbar. . .

We encountered the same error msg in Outlook on desktop. The error went away after we whitelisted this address "" in our firewall.
The method outlined by @johnneu worked for my situation.
I just restarted my outlook and never got this popup again :)

> Please make sure that you’ve signed into Outlook and Teams with the same account.


Heh... well that made the error message come up instantly instead of after a 5-10 second delay :pouting_face:


> And you go to Teams admin center to check if the required options are selected:


I have no idea how to go into the "admin centre" of which you speak...?


Also someone in an earlier post mentioned going to "Teams Avatar at top right" and checking settings there - also no idea what that refers to. In fact I find nowhere to make any meaningful administrative changes to Teams. What am I missing?


I am seeing this error message on a single PC in a company that has successfully been using Teams since shortly after COVID lockdown started - probably 30 people working just fine, just this one user having the issue. And I just spent an exciting weekend wiping the entire PC and reinstalling, only to get the exact same error.


Does it require a particular version of Windows? This PC is running Windows Home Single Language whereas the rest probably have Pro or maybe the regular Home (Home Premium?) not SL - not verified, no way to do that in anything less than a long, long time.

OK, soooo... something I must have missed in the literature (ha ha who has time for instruction manuals, right?) is that it WONT'T WORK IF YOU ARE NOT ON AN EXCHANGE SERVER.


So much time wasted. Why does Microsoft still, FORTY YEARS AFTER DOS 1.0, write cryptic, unhelpful error messages?



And I suppose accounts aren't "the correct kind of Exchange Server." My primary account is an account.


2021-04-26 11_09_33-Inbox - - Outlook.jpg


Yeah I wouldn't know those details :squinting_face_with_tongue: but I would imagine there is only one kind. Maybe?

I do know that the "correct" type, when you right-click the mailbox folder in the navigation pane, and select "Properties", has 4 tabs, the rightmost of which is "Synchronisation" (? something like that). When you select it, it shows how many mail items on the server and in the local copy. If you can see this information it seems to me you should be able to use the Teams Add-in, because why not. That's all I've got :(

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I have solved the issue by the following steps


- Turned of the teams add on

- Restart outlook

- Turn on the teams add on

- Restart outlook.