VMware "Optimized" and no devices found

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We have a situation where certain users in our environment launch teams and get no devices found. The camera and audio devices show as "none". When we check the about field it shows "VMWARE Media not connected" - which to my understanding is "Fallback mode". Our users are using PCoIP zero clients from Teradici (LG brand) and even though everyone is on the same pool/hardware the problems seem to appear and disappear without reason. Some users seem to have it more persistently than others. Disabling the optimization always resolves the problem (but we get the terrible echo again).

Version: Horizon 8 (2006)

Protocol: PCoIP

Running VMWARE Optimization for teams ENABLED

Here are my questions

1. How we debug the "Not Connected" / Fallback reason? we have looked through all the logs and cannot find anything useful

2. Why does "Fallback" mode leave us with no devices? I assumed it would just fallback to non-optimized?

Appreciate any insight!

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@madasus1 We are seeing same issue. We have opened a ticket with VMware. Our only recourse has been to remove GPO for ZERO client users for now.



Thanks - will be very interested in what VMware say in response to your ticket.  How long have you been waiting for a response?


We have exactly the same issue. Is there any news from VMware support yet or new findings?

@Ronsen78 vmware is not being too helpful,  they standing by Optimize Mode is for 7.13/8.0  Horizon Client and that OS client only Win10 is supported (not TERA2).  Teradici says their OS works on new version of Horizon and point to VMWare and Microsoft for Teams issues.  So for now we only enable Optimizer Mode for end users only using the Horizon Client that have a Echo Problem. Still have tickets open with all 3x and working thru escalations. Will update if any progress is made


@VelocitorITSame for us.  We have a ticket now in escalation.  No real response or workaround yet.

@madasus1  Same issue here with WYSE P25 ZERO CLIENT Terminals. In the meanwhile, I will try to find a way to play with the TeamsEnabled Registry Key depending on the terminal type detected in the HKCU Volatile Environment Registry Keys.

@andrewti3 I we tried the Keys, but never turn another willing to try. But it really boils down to VM optimizer "mode"  (plugin) is enable (even in fall-back mode)  it does not support Tera2 Sound Drivers.

I think we finally got VMware/Tera/Microsoft working together (or at lease corresponding) on the issue.

But very low priority.  So for now we just keep OM disabled and give laptop users using Horizon client / using Teams on VDI getting bad echo,  a headset .

My setup is using Teradici PCoIP zeroclients, and got to work the audio removing RTAV and using jack connected headsets, not USB.


Our issue is with the USB cam. It works with zoom or any other software, but with teams, looks like it is working (you can see your cam in teams) but the remote user does not receive video.


Anyone with this problem?


Thank you

Did you find a solution for the webcam ?
DId you find a resolution, with MS, Teradicia nd VMWARE?

@madasus1  and others in this post.

Teradici is aware of the issue with VMware Teams optimization and the fact that this optimization does not work with PCoIP zero clients. To take advantage of the optimization you need to have Windows as the OS on the client. Basically there is no OS on any PCoIP zero client, this is by design.

The optimization fallback was implemented by VMware so I would suggest to work with VMware as Teradici cannot reverse engineer the optimization that VMware have implemented.


If you are having audio issues when connecting to a VM and using Teams I would suggest to first try to determine if the issue is on the host side or the client side. Many people are opening cases with poor audio when connecting to a remote user. You need to first determine if the issue is on your side or the remote users side. I do calls on a daily basis using my zero client and Teams and very rarely have any issues with audio quality and when I do it is usually from shared cable network subscribers that think they have 100Mbps all the time.


Remember there is a difference between echo and feedback. With feedback the users can try to reposition their audio equipment to reduce feedback. With echo it is probably related to the available bandwidth.



Paul "PCoIP"

Any update on this issue?


Teradici released firmware 22.09.0 which now works with the fallback issue introduced when you use Teams optimized by VMware.

Basically, we set a flag in the firmware that will allow the fallback to be triggered when using a PCoIP zero client since the Team Optimization is not a feature the PCoIP zero client can support.


For all in this post please use PCoIP firmware 22.09.0 or newer which can be downloaded from - help.teradici.com based on a subscription.