Viva Topics App for MS Teams

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 First, I have just setup Viva Topics via the M365 Admin, assigned the correct roles (even though I'm a global admin) to assign licenses to three test users. When I go to the main SharePoint site, I get an error stating "Ask a Knowledge Administrator a Viva Topics license to you" when I already have one assigned. Second, when I go to Team there is no Viva Topics App, how do I get the app or is there an app? All of Microsoft's Demos show a Topics App pinned on the left side bar. Have I missed something?

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Hi! Make sure you configure the roles even though you are a global admin! As a global admin you can assign yourself as a knowledge admin.

Also AFAIK, the Topics app is not yet released

Is there a timeline as to when the app will be released? How are we to use Topics with Teams if there is no app?

@Craig Bielefeld In the meantime, do you know more about your question? I would also be interested to know when the Viva Topic app for MS Teams will be released.

@Craig Bielefeld You probably found this by now, but just thought I would include it here for anyone who is looking for the Topics app for Teams. Currently, it must be added using a PowerShell created manifest file: 
Add the Viva Topics app in the Teams Admin Center | Microsoft Docs