Visibility of a Team member list to external guests

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My company is looking to set up private channels to collaborate with suppliers. We want to make sure that some suppliers can't see in Teams that their competitors are also working with us on the project.


I understood that external guests need to be first added to the related Team before being added to a private channel.


Would these external guests be able to see the member list of that Team - defeating the purpose of creating private channels ?




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@Alex_Giess Just a quick thought. Why not get a couple of throw away gmail addresses, create a small meeting the way you want to test then invite the two gmail address dummies into the meeting. That way you control all the members who are the gmail people and can use their guest profiles internally to see what they can see? Would take a couple of people to test and the gmail addresses are easy to set up.


Just a thought that might be quick for you.


@TonyKuiperCFS It is a good idea. For context I am looking to see how these guest accounts will view the list of members in a Team, not in a meeting if that makes more sense.

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@Alex_Giess OK I have done a quick check using my Corporate teams account (on web app) and then using my gmail address to access via desktop app. I can confirm that my gmail address can see all the members in the Team list.

The answer to your questions is Yes so the only way to cover your scenario Today is by means of creating different private channels where you have your guests or just relax that scenario so it's not a problem guests users can see who is member of a team


Were you able to find a solution for this?  We are looking to accomplish the same thing: Invite external guests to collaborate on a Team, use private channels, but prevent the external guests from seeing each other on a list.