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Teams is not allowing me to log in anymore and asking to verify my identity. As I get no code I changed my password. When trying to sign in, it asks for my password twice but asks if I get a code, which I don't despite changing my password. Any one knows how to get unstuck as it worked all fine til recently?

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Hi @LG_Consulting


1.) Can you get in to the web experience at or is this impacting there too?
2.) Are you on the business version of Teams or Free?

The code being asked for should go to your mobile phone. This is usually in place when you have Multi Factor Authentication added. If this is not happening it could be because the phone number in your Office 365 profile is the wrong one or there is an issue with the SMS service. The quickest and recommended way to resolve is this

1.) Have your admin login to Office/Microsoft 365 and temporarily disable MFA on your account in the Microsoft 365 admin centre then re-enable it
2.) When you login to this ought to trigger a page where you confirm your phone number for MFA security validation messages to go
3.) The messages should come through to your phone

In fact, a better way than using codes is to use the Authenticator App

Hope that helps

Best, Chris