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Doing some project work with a client, I need to be logged in to their Teams instance in addition to our corporate Teams account.  I went to, signed in with the credentials they assigned me and using Edge, installed this site as an app which is now on my taskbar.  I'm having a couple of issues with this process.

If I sign in to their Teams account from the Teams desktop app and click on the Teams menu item on the left-hand side bar I can see the teams that were assigned to me.  This is what I need the most to access the Files group for that team.  However, when signed in via the web app, that team does not show up.  In fact, I don't see either of the two teams that were assigned to me when using the web app, but do see them when using the desktop app.

The other issue is with desktop notifications.  I can't find where to enable that for the web app.  The post that I found describing how to setup the PWA just says to click the Turn on Desktop Notifications, but I don't see that option anywhere.


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Generally speaking your experience in the desktop app and Teams web app should be the same.

Do you have an account at company A and a different account at company B, or are you a "guest" at company B (i.e. you "tenant switch" to get to company B team)

Could you screenshot the difference to better understand the issue?

The web app should prompt you to enable notifications at some point. I'm not sure if turning them on and off in the web app will force that prompt or not


@TomArbuthnot Thanks so much for the reply.

My main account is my company A.  I have a separate guest account at company B, using a new email address provided by that company.

Here's the screenshot of accessing company B in the Teams desktop app.  Notice for the the team I'm accessing here I can see the General, Posts, Files and Wiki sections:


Teams Desktop App.jpg


Now, using that same logon to the web app, that team is not listed:


Teams Web App.jpg


Hopefully, I'm missing something obvious.

That's odd

Can you try another/a full browser

I notice you are on preview on the desktop client ?