User action logging for in meeting functions such as Spotlight

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Hi all,


Covering part of an old Uservoice item; we have a curious issue of aberrant spotlighting occurring during a meeting. It is suspected that a user is "playing with the controls" during the meeting. However we are seeking verification that this is not an issue and one simply of human factors and training.


From the Debug logs/support files that can be generated in a call and are not encoded we can see the SpotlightMixin entries identifying the users transitioning into spotlight and/or being removed from spotlight. What appears to be omitted in the clear-text log is that of the userID initiating the request.

Is there a simple way of identifying the requestor userID this within the toolset and capabilities available? Indeed are these details captured and audited?

Naturally appreciate that there are other elements to aid the unwanted activity such as restricting presenters list etc. but interested to see if there is a simple way of identifying the requesting user.

Any thoughts and guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.




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Sorry, heard about the request of auditing for these type of events before but as far as I know still not possible and not logged. So for now you better go with the roles in the Teams meetings, i.e. make the majority Attendees to avoid meeting disturbance.

Simply adding for reference