Use Microsoft Teams to call into Zoom or Webex Meetings

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Dear community, as Skype for Business will be replaced by Teams I was wondering how I can video call into Zoom / Webex / BlueJeans / StarLeaf meetings?


Currently I can dial into those meetings by using or similar SIP addresses. However, this is not possible with Teams. How will this work in future?


I tried all the third party conference bridge providers, which are recommended by Microsoft, however they tell me that there is no solution for this problem. They are only there such that, the third parties can call into Teams meetings.


This is especially important in regard to Teams rooms systems and Surface Hubs. Any advice is appreciated!


Thank you

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Hi @Kiril

Use a third party for video conferencing interop. See here -

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,

thank you for that. I am trying to achieve that, but the response I am getting from the third party interop providers is that Teams cannot dial into other meetings. The interop is used such that other people/services can call you. So, if I am invited to a Zoom meeting, I am not able to directly join.

Do you use a third party video conferencing interop provider?



You are correct you can't from Teams call into a meeting hosted by Webex, Zoom or others. And I'm not sure that you will be able to since all of these platforms offers a web client for meetings and that will be better for users. When you are using the CVI it will add some extra information in the invite that allows other systems to join Teams meeting, not the other way.


For Microsoft Teams Rooms systems there will come and update that will allow you to join Cisco Webex and Zoom meetings from these devices, but it will not use the Teams software builtin to the device, it will instead use the Webex and Zoom web applications.


Cisco is one of the new partners to Microsoft that announced that they will release a Cloud Video Interop gateway, not sure exactly how or when. But this might allow you to join Webex meetings from the Teams client, but I doubt it.



Hi Linus,

thank you for the information.

Switching to Teams only mode basically renders video conferencing useless for us, because 90% of the video conferences are set up by the remote party using Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans etc.

There aren't any plans to keep the SIP or integrate a SIP calling feature in Teams?
I doubt the Teams client will use SIP, and I if Microsoft build it SIP-support it will probably not be the same SIP dialect as Webex. Since it will be hard for Microsoft to support all changes in the different platforms they will not build in support into Teams. If there is an update in Webex, Microsoft have to change the Teams-client and if it doesn't work they have to support it, can be a mess. But this only what I think.

For the user it better to click the Join link in the invite and then the web browser opens with the latest Zoom, Webex, Bluejeans, etc. web application. If there is an update on server side the web application will also be updated and work for the users.

The gateway you are using today ( is working cause webex created a gateway that supports Skype, it is not Microsoft that created that and supports Webex meetings with the Skype-client. So if you want to be able to join Zoom meetings with Teams client, then Zoom have to setup a Teams gateway. In the same way as Microsoft have their CVI partners creating gateways allowing other clients joining meetings hosted in Teams.
Hi Linus, thank you for the clarification.

So, in order to make Teams Rooms System as inter operable as possible I should use a third party service, and create the meetings myself. Thus the probability is higher, that the other party will be able to join.
Absolutely, hence my original point :D

Since Teams is a dial in service it would be deploying the third party solution and creating the meetings for others to join.

Apologies - had a bit of a mad day. Thanks @Linus Cansby for jumping in!

Best, Chris is the answer, but it’s not cheap...

Hi, unfortunately you can't use Pexip or the other CVI providers to join a Webex or Zoom meeting from Teams client. Cloud Video Interop allows other video systems like Cisco connect to Teams meetings.

You will be able to join Webex and Zoom meetings from Microsoft Teams Rooms in a later update, but that is not available yet and it is only from meeting room devices not from the Teams application.


And the price for this CVI's is high if you don't use the functions, but many customers say that it is worth the price since they can continue use their investment on old conference room devices. And external people that you invite will also be able to join Teams meetings with other devices than Teams certified devices.

Meeting room devices is exactly what I need. Other clients (on laptops) can join using the browser. My "problem" are the Teams Rooms System (Logitech Group) and Surface Hubs. If those devices will be covered by the update, that would be a major improvement!



Microsoft Teams Room systems will get that update so that they can join Webex and Zoom meetings, unclear when. MTR is software from Microsoft and hardware from their partners. 

Check out the systems here:


It will look like this when the system is updated.





Thank you. Can't wait for this update! Maybe an insider can provide further information on when it's going to be released?
Eagerly awaiting this. Thanks for sharing!

Maybe @David Groom , @Christian Schacht or @Robert Carlsson have some information they can share when we can see the Webex and Zoom meetings in MTR? 


Any update?
This is essential for us going forward with Teams Rooms.

It is the most asked for by end users.


Reviving a slightly old thread, but interestingly this is possible. 

It’s not the slickest user experience and not something I would necessarily recommend. Still, interestingly you can dial this SfB SIP URI from Microsoft Teams to join the Zoom or Webex or another platform meeting.


You are probably better joining with the native client for those platforms.


This works via federation, so you need to be in Teams Only mode (which allowed federation) and have federation enabled. Unfortunately, most Teams users won’t know what “mode” they are in.


Here are the details

@Linus Cansby This update can't get here quickly enough. It would solve so many problems at our office.


You can actually join a Zoom meeting from a Teams Room now. Tested it last week ago for a 3 hour meeting. The Zoom account must enable Skype integration on their end. Once that is done follow these steps on the Room System to join a meeting:


On the Team Room System:
Click “New meeting”

Click “Enter URI”


Make sure to choose that address if it shows you more than one listing.

Click Invite

After it connects:
Click the Dial Pad at the top of the screen

Type %zoommeetingpassword% followed by #


You should be connected and waiting in the lobby. You may need to turn on the camera and microphone on the Teams Room system if they appear muted.


@EveretC Thank you. Unfortunately, this does not work on Surface Hubs.