Uploading corporate address book on Sip devices

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I'm looking for assistance on how to upload an address book into a Teams SIP device. Such as a Poly VVX phone. I found information on how to upload the address book on a Poly Rove cordless phone, ran into issues. But I can't find information on how to do it on a VVX phone.

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Hi @samanthaeasterday ,

To upload an address book into a Teams SIP device like a Poly VVX phone, you'll typically need to perform the following steps:

1. Prepare the Address Book: Ensure that your address book is in a compatible format such as CSV (Comma Separated Values) or XML. The address book should include the necessary details like names, phone numbers, and any additional fields you want to import.

2. Access the Phone Web Interface: Connect to the web interface of your Poly VVX phone. You can usually do this by entering the phone's IP address in a web browser on a computer connected to the same network. Log in with the appropriate credentials if prompted.

3. Navigate to the Address Book Settings: Once logged in, find the section or menu option related to the address book settings. The exact location may vary depending on the phone's firmware version, but it's typically under "Settings" or "Features."

4. Import the Address Book: Look for an option to import the address book or contacts. Click on this option to start the import process.

5. Select the File: Choose the file containing your address book from your computer. Make sure it is in the supported format (CSV or XML) and select it for uploading.

6. Map the Fields: After selecting the file, you might need to map the fields from your address book to the corresponding fields on the phone. This step ensures that the data is imported correctly. For example, you would map the "Name" field in the address book to the "Display Name" field on the phone.

7. Start the Import: Once you have mapped the fields, start the import process. The phone will read the file and populate the contacts in its address book.

8. Verify and Manage Contacts: Once the import is complete, review the contacts on the phone to ensure they have been imported accurately. You may also have options to edit, delete, or organize the contacts within the phone's interface.

9. Test the Address Book: Use the phone's search or dialing features to verify that the address book entries are accessible and usable on the device. Test a few contacts to ensure the numbers are dialed correctly.

Remember to consult the user manual or documentation specific to your Poly VVX phone model for detailed instructions on importing an address book. The interface and steps may differ slightly based on the phone's firmware version or any custom configurations.


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