Unable to Update Voicemail settings on Teams Call Queue

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Hi All, 


Our organisation is heavily invested in Teams and use it for calling. I have been setting up call queues for a few of our areas and for the most part they have been working okay.

AN issue I've run into is setting up voicemail on these queues. In the past I had simply forwarded the unanswered calls to a generic voice enabled account the redirected to voicemail. 

No I am trying to update that to have the voicemail account added in the queue instead.

When I add the voicemail office 365 group and add an audio file  or text based message the save button remains greyed out making me unable to update the queue and add a voicemail app.


Nothing I do changes the save button to allow the queue to be updated. Am I missing something? Or is this a bug that is not allowing me to save the voicemail settings to an existing queue?


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Hey @MykalB ,


I think for now it is only available for Auto Attendants, you do get an option in call queues to select voicemail but it doesn't work. You can consider first forwarding it to an AA and then AA forwarding it to group voicemail.



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You need to select the language above in the settings, that worked for me... @MykalB 

This issue actually ended up being something much more simple.

We had an account in the queue membership that was no longer active. This was stopping us from making any changes.

It would be good if the admin centre showed us the errors.

We discovered by attempting to make the change in power shell which showed is the expired account error