Unable to locate and uninstall a redirect virus

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I have had my computer restarted the other day by Microsoft Office Support, and am now experiencing a virus or something that keeps redirecting me from Google to Bing or vice versa.  I have not found any instructions online that have worked; most articles I have read chalked this up to some kind of malware, and instructed me to uninstall any apps I might have downloaded since it began, but I never did download anything new since having had my computer reset.

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Hi Eric,

Not to be a pessimist but are you sure you spoke with Microsoft Office Support?
This sounds like a classic case of someone sniffing your browser traffic, I would check browser extensions and see if your device is being managed under remote management.

@Jheesbrough Here is where I came to what I had every reason to assume was Microsoft:




That said, no, I wouldn't have been surprised even before complaining today, if the person I spoke to there was the one who loaded this in the first place after restarting my computer.


As for extensions, I'm not sure what could possibly be it amongst those four.  I have only ever used Chrome until today, when I also experimented with Edge.  Had Adblock Plus and uBlacklist for years, Google Docs Offline doesn't seem like anything that would cause problems, coming from Google and all, and I had downloaded the New Tab extension just yesterday specifically in response to this whole thing, so that any new tabs I open up lead to Google instead of Bing (now directly to Bing instead).



They look fine, I would still recommend disabling them and testing to see if the new tab issue.

Another thing that could be likely is sometimes your antivirus may be causing this. Features like 'secure search' will change your search engine to one it deems better.

If you or support had any antivirus installed after the reset I would look at those settings and see if disabling secure search sorts this out