Together mode and large gallery functionalities in Teams

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Need some advises here.


  1. Do the user need to turn on the check box below for seeing together mode and large gallery buttons? Is there a way to make it automatically?
  2. İs there any requirement to organize a meeting for enabling these functionaries such as minimal 9 participants to activate since it's 3x3 grid? also for together mode.



Ricky Su

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1. Users have to turn on the new meeting experience to be able to use the large gallery (7x7 videos). In August this will be turned on automatic for all users (might be delayed).


2. You as a participant have to be in a tenant that got these features to be able to use it, so if you have them and are invited to a meeting in a Teams tenant without large gallery view, you call still use large gallery view but the organiser will not be able to use it.

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Hi @Ricky_Su

1.) The user needs to check the box for the new meeting experience which is under the settings. In the top right of teams, click on user picture > settings > Turn on new meeting experience. Once turned on you'll have the ability to select large gallery and together mode. Currently this isn't turned on by default. Neither is large gallery or together mode, the use has to select them once in the meeting. There is no centralised controls at the moment to set them as default for users

2.) There is no prerequisites in that they work in private meetings, channel meetings or meet now. Together mode AFAIK works with any number of attendees I have seen it done with at least 4 people in the meeting. Large Gallery mode - 3 x 3 is done by how many people are in the meeting but also Teams works out if your bandwidth can cope with it. In other words if you have restricted or congested bandwidth you may not be able to see it

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Just to confirm that the Together mode is only enabled once you have at least 4 participants. With less than 4 people the Together mode, Large gallery mode and Focus is greyed out

@Christopher Hoard I am yet to get the large gallery to work. Is it because most people are in and out with the video? Are users required to be on video in order for large gallery to work? I can usually see the together mode, but the large gallery is always greyed out. 


2020-08-17 10_12_16-jEDI-Tech Department Meeting _ Microsoft Teams.png

@Melissa Garcia For Together mode you need to be 5 participants in the meeting, you plus 4 others. But all participants don't have to activate video. I've seen pictures of a empty together mode background... :(


For Large Gallery View you have to be 10 participants in the meeting before you will be able to activate it. 


Both Together Mode and Large gallery view will be greyed out until you are 5 or 10 participants in the meeting.

@Linus Cansby There must be something wrong with my setup or there's a bug because I teach a class of 22 students and it doesn't work. Today I was in a team meeting with 18 people and it didn't work. That's why I was asking if it had anything to do with whether or not they had their videos turned on. I thought maybe that might have something to do with it, but if it's strictly based on the number of participants then it's not working correctly. 

@Melissa Garcia I haven't tested for Large gallery view so it could be that 10 or more have activate their video before Large gallery view is available. So it might not be enough with just 10 users and some of them with video, but I have not checked that yet.

@Melissa Garcia I tested it now and Large gallery view is available when there is 10 or more participants and all of them are not required to activate video, the Large Gallery View option should be available anyway.

@Linus Cansby 


Thank you for monitoring this chat.  I work in public education.  Today we are having teachers practice ice breakers and class expectations before our students return on Monday.  We have 14 people in the meeting, some with video and some not.  When we go to large gallery view it is greyed out and says Large Gallery View (preview).  Are we sure there is not a bandwidth factor at play here or a minimum number of video users.  For example, we routinely have our teachers tell all participants to turn off their video.  If ONE person is using the video, does this affect it?  Thank you for any guidance you can provide.


Ryan Milani

@Christopher Hoard  Our school is having a horrible time getting our classes into large gallery view.  We tried trouble shooting it today.  We did everything we were supposed to do and it still won't work.

@Ryan_Milani  @Linus Cansby 


I am having the same issue.  Was in a meeting today with 11 or 12 people and tried to switch to Large Gallery, which I had used before just fine. After clicking it, there were still only 9 squares and the video quality diminished.  When I clicked back to regular gallery, video quality improved.


Was there a recent update that might have affected Large Gallery?






Same here. Large Gallery and Together Mode had been working fine for me, but not today. Wonder if it's something behind the scenes they disable when the servers are taxed? The options were both there for me, and I could even check them, but my view never changed. Very odd. 

@Deleted We had 4 on today but still had that experience (LG & Together Greyed out). Is it min 4 where everyone has the new meeting experience enabled or should I be able to use it regardless?



Hi Therese,


I see your reply was marked as the best answer to the original question in this thread.


There are several of us who have used Large Gallery before and have posted that we are no longer able to select it, especially this week.  Wondering if there was a change/update that affected this function.  We have the new meeting experience checked.  Any feedback would be appreciated.





You should be able to use LG and Together, regardless of other people's settings.


The new default is 9 windows.  Once you have 10 (allegedly), the LG option should become available.  I'm one of the people experiencing trouble with it not working this week, when I had been using it before.




@timmoore72 You have be 5 people in the meeting so you self + 4 others and then you should be able to activate Together Mode. When you are ten people in the meeting you will be able to activate Large Gallery View.

I'm having the same issue. I checked the box, restarted, and it still won't let me see all my kids

I enabled all of that . I had 19 people on my session and i attended another with 43 , still was disabled

@Christopher Hoard 

I am also having the same issue. Currently in a meeting with 29 people. Only 6 have video enabled. The large Gallary option is greyed out. @BryanSpex