Threading multiple responses in chat

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We are in the process of evaluating a migration over to Teams. In the desktop app I understand the difference between the Chat tab and Teams tab and I'm specifically looking at the Chat tab in this instance. I understand a new feature was released to allow replies to a chat .


That appears to be half-baked though, in that I can only reply to one message and not create a thread for a complete conversation in the Chat context.


Am I missing something or is this correct? I'd like the ability to create a "New Conversation" in a Chat but right now only see that as an option in a Channel.



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Yes. Chat is designed like WhatsApp -a single threaded conversation. The only thing you can do is Reply to a post which will copy and paste that post in a new post to reply to. If you're coming from Slack, then this is not what you're looking for.
there is a workaround, in "chat", switch it to "group chat", with different group name, you can have conversations as many as you want

like david and you said, it works by desgin
in team-channel, there will be "post" -- "new conversation"
in chat, there is always&only one conversation for each people you are talking wih
you have to vote in MS feedback portal, no direct "new conversation" for chat right now