The participant does not see the video from other participants

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Hi. Faced such a problem. The participant joins the meeting using web-application (he has not camera if it's matter) and can't see the video of others participants, just their avatars when they speaking. If he using desktop-app - no problem observed (all video of participants shown normally). How to solve this problem?

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Hi @Alexandr_STU 


Can you check with the Participants in case they are using the supported Web Browsers. Here are the Two Article for your reference.


Supported Teams Web Browser


Features unsupported on the Browser


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Satish U

To resolve this for a user in the office we had to uninstall and reinstall MS Teams.

Seems to fix it. Very odd one though as the person testing the call was in the office with him, I could see their camera was on and working.

I have a similar problem now. Where video is enabled on my desktop teams and displays are normal, but the receiver cannot see my video. It just displays my initials. 

If i use the web app for teams, both me and the receiver can see the video. 

It is also strange that this was working previously, and not happened without any config changes to my machine. 

I have tried to delete the app and any related config/cashe folders, and re-installed without any success. 

Note that I'm using MacBook on latest version of OS X and teams. 


Do you have any idea what I should do? 





I have the same problem, the participants can see me but i can't see them, using the desktop app, if i use the web app i can see them.


However it's very strange with the desktop app if i minimize the screen i can see the participants, but if i enlarge the screen it goes black.