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As we just learned today that there will be a Tesla Zoom integration, do we know if there is a planned Microsoft Teams integration? Having the opportunity to take some calls while stuck in traffic jams, ... Could be cool. Thanks for the feedback 

Feedback portal request: here


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@Dimitri_Pletschette The zoom announcement was light on details, and was clearly all fake. I doubt Microsoft would build an app, but if the browser in the Tesla allowed the cabin camera and mic then Teams would work perfectly well. Plenty of the Teams development Team drive Tesla, and Tesla are a customer of M365.

The Zoom app launched today in Tesla.

@MVandenbulcke Yes, it launched in the US some time ago, but started rolling out in other countries yesterday.


Last time I asked Microsoft had no active development for this, and it hadn't been decided if it was going to become something they look at. Adding votes to the feedback portal would be the way to help them decide.

Yes, Tesla OS release 2023.12.1.
Microsoft, would this be doable, please?
We have more than 340 votes to date and counting.

@Laurie Pottmeyer do we think we could push for this? I am happy to take some personal time with the dev teams at night and on weekends to make this a reality. Please let me know. Thank you