Teams - video sharing is disabled by the administrator

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Monday morning several users were unable to make video calls on teams, with the video icon greyed out out "video sharing is disabled by the administrator"


On checking meeting policies, they were assigned "RestrictedAnonymousAccess", I moved them to global (org-wide default).  Global has IP enabled.


Its been several days since the change, and the desktop app video icon is greyed out.  Both web and iOS versions of teams are working perfectly fine.


I disabled IP video in the global policy, waited a few minutes and re-enabled it.  Several hours on, and its now stopped everyone else from making video calls in the desktop app... again, web versions and iOS working fine.


Microsoft support have not come back.  Anyone else had this issue?

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@BJW It's probably caching the old policy in the client, if you do a full sign out and back in does the capability return (this forces a new evaluation of the policy cache). If so, it will resolve over a few days as the cache gets re-evaluated.

@StevenC365 - we have yes.  Both removed app, deleted the cache folders - reinstalled, still problematic...

@BJW If the web version is fine then the policy is correct in the service and just needs to get to the client. Policies are evaluated on sign-in and every few hours while you remain signed in.


I can't think of any logical reason why you are seeing what you describe.

@BJW is there any VDI involved, Citrix, VMWare Horizon etc ?

Nothing at all. Its been 2 days like this...! Painful...

Having the same issue, have tried clearing all files and folders in appdata, uninstalling, rolling back updates, web version works fine but having the same issues. @BJW 

Teams voice is now falling apart too! Calls coming in from queues carrying the AA name and not the queue name! It’s all going wrong! Priority support at Microsoft so far as been “what version are you using” and that’s in 48 hours!
voice is something not about this topic~~
and relax, I have some issues reported to MS, 3-4 month past, still stuck from the very beginning....luckily they are not urgent things

for this topic, do you have other device could be tested for this?
like Steven said, it's working in web, so propably it's something about client
so if this account could work with desktop app in another device, then we can focus on what happens to this device
Intune is deployed for full enrolment to devices. We're testing a device non-enrolled...
More and more users are having the same issue. I suspect its a bug in the client app. Microsoft are being very quiet about it. Both web and iOS continue to work as expected.
Is there a version of this that lets us read the replies or is it just another thread?
This is happening to me as well, initially we thought it was policies updated on our tenant. Strange given such a new post that all the links posted on here have been deleted? I had to use the wayback machine to read them...
the post was Feb 15 2022 (not this year).