Teams via remote desktop cannot see local webcam

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Good afternoon,
We use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection ver. 10.0.18362 to connect to our desktop pcs running on windows 10 1909. 
When we run Teams from the remote computer, it will not find the built-in webcam from any laptop. It will, however, work if the local computer uses an external usb webcam. The built-in webcam works properly if we run teams directly from the laptop's local c:drive. 
We have verified the camera settings in RDC, Teams on the remote system, and windows settings on the remote system. 
Does anyone know if using Teams with RDC requires a specific port be opened for the camera to work with the remote teams app? Any ideas, tips, tricks, or fixes are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Brian D. Meer

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Hello @briandmeer   I found this similar entry on our tech support site.  Does it apply to your situation?

Thank you for your response.
I've passed the link you shared on to the technicians to try. I'll share an update as soon as they provide one.

@briandmeer Did you find a solution?

@Ellie2506 --The solution that was found to be the easiest was to distribute usb web cams. We were never able to determine why the built-in webcams in laptops would not work?