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I was wondering if anyone knew the pattern that the three dots on the teams typing indicator make. I'm not sure if it is partially stochastic. For sure it isn't totally random.


Any help would be great!

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I don't know the answer either, but I have my suspicions that the code was written by a musician whop plays the trumpet. Maybe it's his favourite tune!

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Not sure if you've ever received an answer, but I've figured out that it's:






and then it repeats starting at the 1-2-3 again.





What does this say about us?  I observed it and googled was relieved to find I'm not the only one who pondered this. :)

@PatrickFlintGlad I'm not alone too!

@Henri_Abrahams Thanks for the solution!
You know I think this is a bigger analogy for many phenomena, explaining a lot of what we see in the universe around us. What may seem at first glance to be completely random, when studied, has a pattern and structure-- some algorithm or function to define it, how math can explain the universe. I think the fact that the teams typing indicator has a predefined structure to it is pretty solid evidence that we are living in a simulation

yes, but what tune is it???  Inquiring minds want to know!


I concur. Watched in slow motion recording and got this:


@typing_indicator  it's probably wishful thinking but I was playing some music on Spotify while texting a colleague on Teams this week and the dots seemed to be bouncing in time to the music.  When I changed to a different tempo song they seemed to speed up and keep pace.  It's probably just cabin fever but my colleague also said it looked like it.  I didn't go into the same level of analysis as some of the people in this thread, it would be an awesome Easter Egg if it was true though.

Thanks so much for figuring this out. It was driving me bonkers!

I like this answer and agree with others on the music take, is there also a timing? and perhaps a 4th note, ie open.
I have tried whistling it as a progression up and down. I realized if I had a recorder (or trumpet as noted elsewhere in this thread) that an open note could exist in the gaps as there seems to be one/some.

I was really hoping for Jeopardy as I always hear that in my head as I wait in anticipation for the response of the bouncing dots. So frustrating when, with ?baited? breadth, the balls stop and NO RESPONSE!!



It reminds me of this but it is not quite right.