teams status stuck on 'in a call'

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The status of two colleages is stuck on 'in a call'. I can't find a way to change the status. As far as I can see, there isn't a call going on at the moment.

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What happens if you click your profile and click your status? Can’t you change it?

  1. @adam deltingerit stays at In a call. I tried 'reset status' and to pick another status, but non of this works.


I've been stuck on Presenting since about 5hrs ago when I was on a call with a colleague... I've tried everything from signing out, restarting my computer, remove the settings.json file from my profile to uninstalling the desktop app.... still the same. Unfortunately I can't get incoming calls from colleagues as it's on do not disturb while I'm presenting. Resetting the status does nothing. I can't update my status with a comment either. Odd.



What if you log out and back in?
Also try to login via the web client and see what that says

@adam deltingerI've done these things but that didn't solve the problem


Okay, mine is now updating again, after re-installing the desktop app. I'd uninstalled it earlier but the browser still showed the stuck status. After I've re-installed the desktop it is now updating again correctly.

@stijnLBS I have exactly the same problem and have tried everything.  It's been an issue for months... I keep changing it to Available and after about 10/15 minutes it automatically changes back to in a call.  I've logged out everywhere, logged back in, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. and it just always goes back to in a call no matter what my actual status is.  Incredibly frustrating!

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I always find this script works pretty well for any inconsistencies in Teams and you want to delete the cache etc



@fowler_23 That has not worked for me. I have also tried uninstalling Teams on my computer as well as from my phone and then using Teams on the web but it still says I am on a call with one specific person (the last person I did call prior to this issue). When I try to call that one person, it states I am already on a call with that person. I am unable to join that call regardless of which option I choose. I CAN call anyone else with no issues. I have also tried rebooting and have also tried deleting the Teams folder altogether. 

@MariaJavier Did you ever get this issue sorted? We have just had 2 Users, working in the same department, who have exactly the same issue. They cannot contact each other. Any other contacts are fine, everyone else in the organisation is fine, but these two cannot call each other via Teams. Both swear they have no other devices, we have had them call on brand new devices, and the same issue occurs. Did you arrive at a solution?


This is not working for me.
I executed the powershell script but Teams continue bugging !
Even if I restart my PC, the status stay the same.
In Teams, i have the status : You're in a call with ... on another device

@brrlnd I too am having this issue stuck in a call with someone.  Solution anyone?





Same for me. can't call a colleague for over 5 hours. same on his side. onyl between us.

same on mobile apps. 

I have 2 users with this issue now. They can't call each other from a phone app or the computer program, but can thru the browser.
Does this eventually time out and start working normally?

II have the same issue. Did anyone figure out how to fix it? @Steve Young 

@Dean-HR1775 It resolved itself the next day

@stijnLBS - I've had this same issue for months. Even had Microsoft support look into it. They fixed it, but it only lasted about a week and went back.

Have you found a reliable resolution?

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I always find this script works pretty well for any inconsistencies in Teams and you want to delete the cache etc



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