teams status stuck on 'in a call'

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The status of two colleages is stuck on 'in a call'. I can't find a way to change the status. As far as I can see, there isn't a call going on at the moment.

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What happens if you click your profile and click your status? Can’t you change it?

  1. @adam deltingerit stays at In a call. I tried 'reset status' and to pick another status, but non of this works.


I've been stuck on Presenting since about 5hrs ago when I was on a call with a colleague... I've tried everything from signing out, restarting my computer, remove the settings.json file from my profile to uninstalling the desktop app.... still the same. Unfortunately I can't get incoming calls from colleagues as it's on do not disturb while I'm presenting. Resetting the status does nothing. I can't update my status with a comment either. Odd.



What if you log out and back in?
Also try to login via the web client and see what that says

@adam deltingerI've done these things but that didn't solve the problem


Okay, mine is now updating again, after re-installing the desktop app. I'd uninstalled it earlier but the browser still showed the stuck status. After I've re-installed the desktop it is now updating again correctly.

@stijnLBS I have exactly the same problem and have tried everything.  It's been an issue for months... I keep changing it to Available and after about 10/15 minutes it automatically changes back to in a call.  I've logged out everywhere, logged back in, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. and it just always goes back to in a call no matter what my actual status is.  Incredibly frustrating!

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I always find this script works pretty well for any inconsistencies in Teams and you want to delete the cache etc



@fowler_23 That has not worked for me. I have also tried uninstalling Teams on my computer as well as from my phone and then using Teams on the web but it still says I am on a call with one specific person (the last person I did call prior to this issue). When I try to call that one person, it states I am already on a call with that person. I am unable to join that call regardless of which option I choose. I CAN call anyone else with no issues. I have also tried rebooting and have also tried deleting the Teams folder altogether.