Teams ringtone after Hangup

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When a call comes in (i use pc speaker as secondary to get the ringing), i answer it with teams on my win10 pc, and it works fine, but when we hangup my temas begin to ring again in the speaker, sometime only a couple of rings, but sometimes it only works to reboot the pc

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Hi @BirkTeq, in which calling scenario does it happen? Does it happen by receiving a Teams to Teams call? Or if it is a PSTN call? If PSTN: are you using Microsoft Phone System or Teams Direct Routing? 

Hi Thorsten@Thorsten Pickhan 


the senario is:

im using teams on a pc with a headset from jabra. it doesnt matter if it is teams to teams or teams to pstn. when we hangup the teams ringtone sounds 3 times, but only if i use the computer loudspeaker as secondary speaker to hear it ringing, and the extra ringing is only in the secondary unit, not in primary headset



I can confirm this. Same issue happens also in our environment - Teams Version: (64 bit) Windows 10. We using plantronics headsets with the latest update. Each time when we hang up - teams is ringing a few seconds after that. 

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Rather than rebooting my computer, I just right-click Teams on my taskbar and select Quit. This stops the ringing. Then I just re-open Teams and I am good to go. Not sure why the constant ringing after hang-up randomly happens.

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