Teams ringing on wrong audio device

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This is a recent problem so I think it got pushed with an update.

I have a USB audio for my headphones and the onboard audio for my speakers. I usually sit on my speakers and I put my headphones on when I get a call. Default device is speakers and default communication device is the USB headphones.


Right now the ringing when receiving a call is sent to my headset (which is on the table) but the ding that notifies me that I missed a call is sent to my speakers. This is why I am assuming it's a bug.

I thought about setting the secondary ringer but that only allows the headphones to be set which are already my primary speakers so that option seems pointless.

Cycling through or disabling/enabling audio devices doesn't seem to fix it, once I return to the old configuration I'm back to my old situation. The only thing allowing me to receive calls is the phone on the desk ringing letting me know that I should answer on my desktop.


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I'm having the same issue! Secondary ringer not working for me, will continue to research or watch for a solution to be posted here.