Teams Polls (not using Forms, just POLLS) - Where are the results with (names recorded)?

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We conducted a poll using Polls (not via forms) in TEAMS and selected 

Poll: Names recorded ; Results shared. We cannot view the name of the respondents anywhere. 
Any help on viewing the names would be greatly appreciated.  We're conducting polls with more relevant data points and need to get this sorted. We can use the Forms option but that's more cumbersome. Thank you!



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Have you looked up the poll in Forms? As it is still forms on the backend as far as i know.

I have same issue and was hoping to find an answer. @paul keijzers - my poll is not showing in forms, i followed the link and nope it is not there. 

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I have found the solution. Go to > Apps > Forms > All my forms > It should be there. > Open Answers > Viewing results :)

@Nikkievd13you are fabulous! Thank you so much! That worked! :) 


I appreciate that this works but I cannot believe that someone at Microsoft thought this was in any way an acceptable process. There is zero reason the poll originator should have to leave the MS Teams app to view the responses and who they came from. @paul keijzers how can I submit a feature request? This essentially renders the polls / forms functionality useless in my organization.

@Nikkievd13 you are a ROCKSTAR....this worked for me too, and i finally stopped crying. 

(but i agree with Jeff above that this is a RIDICULOUS path to solution and not at all intuitive. results should be clickable not only within the teams app but within the poll within the teams app!!)