Teams on Mac is an unfinished prototype

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Recently forced into using Teams for meetings on my 2015 Macbook Pro 13" which has 16GB of RAM. Have happily used Zoom and Webex for the past three years. Teams is so poor on performance it's effectively not functional. 


- causes every other application to stall

- has a UI response time of >30 seconds, even for things like "unmute"

- regularly crashes the os causing the machine to restart


To be clear, these are issues I know existed from when I first signed my company up for Office365, I had just assumed that after two years they would be fixed. This is shocking disregard for a significant segment of the Microsoft Office365 user base.


Notification, and a timeline, from Microsoft as to when these shocking issues will be fixed is absolutely necessary.


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Article from March 2021 referencing intent to fix... still we wait.
To be honest I think it is something else as i use a mac myself and also tested other applications without a problem. Please send a ticket to MS regarding this issue.