Teams on iPhone problems on WIFI

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I have been having recurring issues with Teams on my iPhone 13 Pro.  the phone has the latest updates and has been happening though an OS update or two so I don't think it's just my particular iOS version.

Teams opens and connects. However, many times a day, messages will be stuck on "sending".  I will also get notifications of incoming messages twice.  Usually, they are abut 30-60 seconds apart.If I turn off WIFI the messages send and the app works normally.


This happens on many wifi networks.  When teams is not working things like slack, mail, etc are all fine.  I can open a network app and ping the internet.

I have clear the data and even re-installed the app.  It would not even update after signing back in unless I was off wifi.

I do have IPV6 on most of the connections. Other apps work just fine.  The desktop client seems to work just fine most of the time.

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