Teams Not Displaying all Shared Video

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Recently I have been having the issue that when in a Teams Meeting some participants cameras are not showing up. There are two video feeds excluded per viewer. There might be two different cameras that are not showing up for each individual participant.


For Example there are five participants, all sharing video. We will call them participant A, B, C, D, and E. Participant A can see the video of participants B and C, but not D and E. Participant B can see video for participant A and D, but not C and E. and participant C can see video for A and E, but not B or D. And so on. Basically each participant has two camera feeds not working and each participant has a different experience.   


This seems to have just started happening in the last two weeks. My IT folks are telling me it is a bandwidth issue, but i am curious if there was a change to teams that makes it handle bandwidth issues differently, or if there is a setting that can be changed to fix this issue. 

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I have been having the same problem the last two weeks. We are running a school get together for about 20 people. During the course of half an hour, I will try to spotlight everyone so all participants can say hi to each other. However people’s videos start to disappear for me on the Mac desktop app I’m using at home. Some people using the windows desktop app at school are having the same problem but often the people using their phones can still see all the videos I can’t when I am highlighting. So I see initials but they see the picture. It’s really frustrating as it’s hindering our ability to interact as many of our participants have complex needs and we rely heavily on interpreting their behaviour to be able to interact with them.



I am also having this issue. We are an educational organisation and we tutor online. Skype was chosen for security, however this issue is very frustrating. It happens with 3 or more participants.


Again this is not due to people not having the camera on etcetera.


It is a very basic function having a very terrible flaw.


Our customers are pushing us to switch to Zoom... 



Any resolution to this issue?