Teams multi window gone

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Since an update to Version (64-bit) I have users unable to open multiple windows in teams during a meeting.  I have tried several things to get it back but to no avail.  Normal usage would be to have the meeting window open viewing all the participants in one window and the meeting notes in another window.  Any assistance would be great, TIA.

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Since the community has not yet responded to your post, you might want to seek assistance with other resources that are focused on tech support:


  • Ask your IT manager to open a support case or call Microsoft using the support line you were given.  Other options for business subscription admins are listed here:

Get support | Microsoft Docs

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@Therese_Solimeno, I am the IT manager. I always like to start in the community because it seems they have great insight to issues. I appreciate your feedback and I will be opening a ticket as this has become more of an issue for our teams over the past few weeks.

@CamiL9564 , i'm having the same issue.  Did you ever get this resolved?