Teams Meeting Recording is missing!

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I host an employee Lunch & Learn meeting each week using TEAMS starting in May of 2020.  I typically run out of available seats to these so I always record them, and share with the entire company for those who could not get in.  I hit record at 11:57 and I turn off the record notification at 12:01 (the meeting starts at 12:00).  Near the end of the meeting when we thank everyone for joining... I hit stop, 12:57.  I hit stop before the meeting ends to make sure I can end meeting for everyone at 1:00.  (This is all just background information) with so many people participating this is the best practice.  I have never had a recording fail and as I said, I have been doing these large meetings for awhile.  My MSStream recording is usually available within 20-minutes.  I am nearing 24-hours sense my meeting, and I have not received notification that it is available, and it is NOT showing in my MSStream account.  My question is... where else can I look for it?  How else can I find this mi

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Hi @Moejo108,


Teams meeting recordings are moving from Stream to SharePoint and OneDrive. Change is currently rolling-out if your organization hasn't explicitly set Stream as recording storage on Teams meeting policies.

If this change is already rolled-out to your organization's tenant, there is two places to look for.

1) If it is a Teams channel meeting, the recording is stored on Recordings folder on channel's files

2) In other cases, the recording is stored in Recordings folder on your OneDrive, since you have started the recording


More information about this change can be found here:




@Matti Paukkonen Thank you SO much!  I was able to find it recording, and have been able to share your information when my team members have the same question! Thank you. 

Hi - I placed and outside call and hit record--the transcript began immediately and their was a voice alert that "this call is being recorded." I've recorded several video calls, and they all show up in my OneDrive, but it's been several hours and but there's no transcription-- I've checked the Recordings folder, the Sound Recordings folder, Downloads, Documents. I assumed audio call recordings would be like video--once it sets to record, I wouldn't have to save anything at the end of the call. Did I do it wrong? When I go to my call history and click the more options icon, there's nothing related to transcripts. In my activity stream, there's no record of the call at all.
I have the opposite issue. I hit record, got the notification that the recording started. I stopped recording at the end of the call. I left the call. I go in this morning to find the recording and all I have is a transcript. I've never had this happen. What could have caused this?
I have a user that is experiencing the same issue described by Sue12.

Same problem here @Sue12 


I recorded a Teams webinar yesterday with no issues. Today, I recorded a Teams webinar and I don't have a recording - only a transcript. Not sure what happened to the recording. I explicitly remember clicking on the start recording and seeing the recording notification at the top of the window.

@Matti Paukkonen 


I am struggling to find my recording, I have no option or space where it says Recordings, but the recording was done, it says saving recording, but it is now more than 5 hours without receiving the recording



Has there been any updates on this situation?
I also have a missing recording, the transcript is available but no video and I can confirm the recording option was selected.

@DanLepage No response. No update, unfortunately.