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Seems like I have to be missing something, but I can't find this anywhere:  where do I see a history of meetings I have joined in Teams (e.g., when I joined, when it stopped, and the duration)?  I see "calls" under "History" in the "Activity" space, but don't see meetings, and through searching on here and online more generally, don't see a way to get that info.  

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You can go to the chat tab, from there you can filter on meetings! At the top! For your meetings you can get attendance by clicking meeting details on the far right upper corner to the right of the join button

@adam deltinger Thanks very much; when I go to meetings, though, it only shows a subset.  It only shows a small subset of those meetings on Teams that I joined but did not organize.  I have tried to go to the calendar tab and to try to click through the meeting, the "Details" menu, and various other things, but that only shows, e.g., the scheduled duration and the invited participants.  It doesn't tell me how long the meeting actually was or anything else, such as who showed up (as opposed to who accepted).

I guess there is a limit in the number of meetings that are displayed here. In my case last meeting I see was hold on the 1st of July
Be aware of that it’s only the meeting organizer that we see that information

If you go to the meeting on your teams calendar you can double-click the specific meeting and then go to the "Chat" tab. It will show you how long the meeting was and any chats during that meeting. I believe the Chats filter requires that someone actually send a message for it to be logged.

Answer here:

"If you go to your meeting in the calendar (in Teams) you should see "Chat with participants"."
Answer is not there, unfortunately.
Seems to be an error (defect) in Teams that my meeting history is not there.
Direct calls are registered, but not meeting calls.
When I open the meeting from the calendar, it does not contain info about meeting duration, nor about my start/end participation in the call - the latter is what I need, for time registration purposes.

@Hans_Dybkjaer Hello.  If you go to Teams / Calendar, double-click the meeting, then along the top you will see "Chat / Files / Details / Scheduling Assistant / Recap / Attendance..." etc.   Choose "Attendance" and you'll see who attended and for how long.  Hope that helps.

@SteveWheatley Thanks for your suggestion which points me in the right direction.

Unfortunately, "Attendance" is not included in my version:


I can see here

that this functionality should be enabled, apparently per meeting. 

Moreover, as I understand the description, it is only the (co-)organizers who can extract the information.

From my viewpoint, participation in "meetings" are merely Calls, and as such I should be able to view my own attendance information under the Calls History. After all, for a meeting I can choose to physically walk into the physical meeting room, or to make a Call into the meeting. It is the Call that matters here, and Teams already support my need here.

I hope Microsoft will fix this as a defect.



Even when you organize a meeting, not included in your calendar like and immediate meeting, you can't find it anywhere in the Teams App. I can re enter it using links I sent other participants and then check its chat and see the duration and other information.

But the truth is there is no way to review all the meetings you have assisted to or even organized as in this case. It would be very sad that there where a problem with space, my list of teams meetings is not thousands.


Not sure if this is completely related but my situation was - I had scheduled a meeting with an individual on MS Teams, the other person was on a different call so they started the meeting a bit delayed and the total duration was well beyond my 1hr schedule, and these were the only 2 things I remembered.


So, next day I went to MS Teams calendar and the meeting was showing as a blue box on the previous day time slot. I clicked on it and it expanded vertically a bit and in the right top corner there was another expand diagonal arrow which opened up a more detailed window of that particular meeting. There under Attendance tab I had everything I required ---