Teams Live Events hosting in South Africa

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Hi, we are looking to host a Teams Live Event in a few weeks. Our business is based in South Africa, which is listed as one of the countries that Live Events is not available in, however said document was last updated in 2019, and so we thought that perhaps the policy has changed.

I have checked that the relevant settings have been activated in the Teams admin center. The expected behaviour is the addition of a dropdown menu next to the New meeting button in Teams, however this has not appeared.

Is there any way to remedy this issue? Would a migration of the tenant to a different region solve it? The default Teams meetings do not have the sufficient features for what we require, so we need the use of the Live Events.

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Correct, Live Events isn't currently supported in South Africa per

There is a few conversations on here which may suggest you can light it up,

However, the end of the conversation is practically to set up a tenant in another region. The issue here is that you would be setting up in a different region which may be outside your scope for compliance, and if you are buying in region, then providers may not provide it. In addition, the region you put a tenant is should be linked to a registered office in your organisation so if you have one in the US or Europe then great. My recommendation would be to setup a temporary tenant out of region, should you have a regional office and use that until the functionality comes in to your tenant. Per the announcement at Ignite, Teams meetings and Live events are being merged so you can configure meetings how you want with advanced communications licences over the next few months. We'll hear more about that as time goes on: so this functionality will get to you in time. I would recommending avoiding a migration scenario where possible

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris