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I'm seeing a huge increase in the number of live events that my customers have been using either internally for their employees or externally with customers and suppliers. They have been looking for a ready made Power BI report than enables them to analyse their live event data, individually and across a series of events.


We've put together this Power BI report and are freely sharing it so anyone can use it for their own live events.

Video walkthrough at

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@stuartridout - Thanks for article ,very informative and useful. I have one question though , let's say i am organizing 5 live events in a day and want to get the info from all the events directly into the Teams log Event Power BI report ,without any manual activity ( for e.g. calling any API or after initial setup for first event , log files are getting updated automatically for subsequent events). Is it possible to achieve ? 

Unfortunately you can’t do this programmatically at the moment.

@stuartridout Thanks for quick update. so currently optimized way is to ask Teams Live Event Producer to consolidate the Event logs file after each Event and upload it at some SharePoint Site Folder . From SharePoint Folder Power BI Event report can read the updated data  using scheduling or some other similar mechanism. Your thoughts!!!!

Possibly with some clever scripting. The report needs to be able to consolidate the attendance logs and the Q&A logs together as well as add in some metadata that is not in the report such as date, time and title of the event. This is why the process is to manually combine.

@stuartridout Wondering if there is a way to breakdown who has joined a live event by region? 

@Rahim Alibhai Unfortunately that information isn't in the logs so not possible without being able to cross-reference email addresses to an external list of regions.

Only if you have that data from another source e.g. AAD records you can match the UPN against. There’s no location data in the logs.

@stuartridout Firstly this is awesome, thanks!

I've noticed the "total view time" on the Home tab is different to the "total mins viewed"  on User Insights 


Any reason behind this? 

Thanks @Bailey44 


The total views on the home tab includes named and anonymous participants.  So if you had 150 named participants and 7 different anonymous participants (with different session IDs) that would give you 157 views.


On the User Insights page we can only track those named participants across multiple sessions.  If you were in session 1 anonymously yesterday and session 2 anonymously today you would have different session IDs so you aren't tracked in the User Insights tab.    So the User Insights tab would only show 150 views (which is the named participants).


Hope that helps