Teams' list - Issue Tracker not accepting today's date

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Just tried to play with list and choose to "Issue Tracker" as a playground. But by somehow my first test failed :)

Unable use date from today.png

So, if I select today's date it gives me an error:

"Please add a date that isn't greater than today"


Do we hit to some limits that Teams does not understand timezones correctly?

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@Petri X I have the same issue it seems, firstly the date format is set to US MM/DD/YY instead of DD/MM/YY, and I also cannot select today's date.

@Petri X  In column settings you can remove the validation rule.  I had the same issue once I have changed regional setting / time zone but this fixed.




the column settings is limited if you're using the issue tracker template pre-made by microsoft @steve_carroll 

i mean this is crazy. this looks like someone used a >= Today operator instead of just >  for this template. So this template is pretty much useless to me.