Teams limitations with Exchange Hybrid

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Some customers choose an Exchange Hybrid configuration for Teams for various reasons such as strict compliance requirements.


I haven't found any documentation stating the Teams related services affected when using Exchange Hybrid instead of EXO.


This is a list I came up with and would appreciate any comment/input


  • Meetings: cannot be scheduled in Outlook desktop, only in the Teams client, or Outlook web EDIT: the add-in is supported in Exchange Hybrid
  • Voicemail: not available in Teams client, only in Outlook link
  • "Share to Outlook" a message in Teams requires EXO.
  • Chats: are no longer saved/displayed in Outlook with OnPrem Mailbox - they can be searched via eDiscovery and exported Search for Teams chat data for on-premises users
  • SharePoint Online: unclear if alerts notifications, comments/likes on page still work with Hybrid or require EXO
  • Planner: limitation on commenting and receiving notifications, but unclear what "may" means
    • If your organization is not using Exchange Online for your account, you may not be able to comment on tasks in Planner. link
    • Planner has full functionality when your user has a product license that includes Exchange Online. Planner users without Exchange Online may have issues with viewing or adding comments to a task. link
    • email will only be sent to users who have a product license that includes Exchange Online. Users at organizations using on-premises Exchange Server or hybrid configurations may not receive all Planner emails. link
  • To Do: Works only with Exchange Online link
  • Bookings for Teams only works with Exchange Online (FAQ).
    • Require mailboxes to be in EXO - you can still run EX hybrid but the user using Bookings must have an online mailbox - link
    • If you're using an Exchange hybrid configuration, we recommend that you thoroughly test mail flow between on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online when changing the default domain.
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@pagliaccio The limitations are listed at How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Your meetings certainly should be possible to be scheduled from Teams, also Voicemail, both of these indicate that there is some restriction on Autodiscover or EWS.


In most Exchange hybrid scenarios, the vast majority, if not all, of the mailboxes are online and there are no limitations.