Teams issue - "video sharing is disabled by the administrator" - when external users join first

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As far as I am concerned this is a bug, so posting this as FYI not a question.


All users have the same global policy. The setting Let anonymous people start a meeting was disabled.


To reproduce the issue (which was repeatable every time):
- Invite an external user (Teams or non teams user)
- External user joins on the web from teams web calendar (Chrome, Edge whatever)
- Organiser joins

- External user gets a message: "video sharing is disabled by the administrator" and camera icon is greyed out. See attachment.

- Organiser leaves the meeting and joins again, video now works.


We have worked around this by enabling the setting Let anonymous people start a meeting, but that is not an ideal solution.

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Thank you for your comments, @halbp  Have you reported this on our Uservoice feedback forum?

No, is that for reporting issues as well as feature requests? I would have logged a call about it but by the time I figured out how to reproduce the issue, I also figured out how to fix, and I have a million other things on.
Actually I might see if I can reproduce in a test tenant and then log a call and it can progress in its own time, it’s just so time consuming dealing with tickets with the Teams support guys.

OK, this issue is easily reproduced.


Raise a ticket and was told that this was 'by design'. I.e. they are not going to fix this any time soon. 

Oh wow that's crazy. I set same setting to not allow Anonymous users the option to start meetings. Guess for now may have to change that back to allow..

@halbpI wasn't able to get the exact same results as you (we have a meeting policy in place for our students to prevent them starting meetings so that only staff can start a meeting) but the result was the same.  Even after enabling "IP Video" in the meeting policy that was applied to students it was only when enabling "Let anonymous people start a meeting" were students able to use their webcams.


This doesn't make any sense as students are a member of our organisation and as such sign into Teams with their organisation account so I cannot see how enabling "Let anonymous people start a meeting" allows students who are not anonymous users to suddenly use their webcams.

@halbp we were experiencing the same issue and this information helped to resolve it... thank you!