Teams is horrible

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Trying to work out how to use Teams has been truly horrible. Totally unintuitive. Even the simplest thing is impossible. For example how do I add a member to my organisation? If I click on the Teams symbol in the left-hand column and then click 'Add more people' I get a box that only allows me to add someone's email address. It doesn't allow me to add their name, or modify their status (for example change their status from 'guest' to 'member'). Microsoft owes me for three days of headaches and fruitless effort.

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@MikePG it sounds like you're trying to use Teams as an admin tool. Are these users you are trying to add already part of your AD? If not, you need to add them through the M365 Admin console before adding them to channels within Teams.

Hi Christian - I've opened office 365. Where is the Admin console? What is my 'AD'?


I think you might want to look at working with a partner here. I'm not trying to be dismissive, but it sounds like you don't know how to administer O365 if you don't know how to find the Admin console or know what an AD is.
That sounds like a good idea. Where do I find a partner?
Any chance you have set up a Teams free org. with a personal account? It doesn't sound as if you're an administrator using a business/enterprise subscription (with the Teams admin center included). If that's the case you can use the guidance provided at the support pages



Microsoft Teams is the only software I encountered in my life that I must uninstall to make it work! None of my Browsers work if either App(lication) is installed on my computer.


I had Teams Application as well as Teams App on my computer. I was a Hotmail user that became Live user. I am admin on Bizspark, Azure. Somewhere Microsoft have my credentials completely screwed up.


Bottom line is that I cannot use Teams App, Teams Application or Teams on Microsoft Browser.


I can use Teams on Chrome and Firefox.

I can use Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, etc on ALL browsers and with their App and Application versions.


I have latest Dell i9 with updates with latest Windows 11 updates.


So my conclusion is that Teams is horrible.