Teams Internal user getting "Due to org policy changes this chat is no longer available."

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I have an internal user attempting to message another internal user but they are getting the message "Due to org policy changes this chat is no longer available. Continue with Skype for Business". These two users were able message each other without issue until October 9th, 2020. Teams has been uninstalled and reinstalled on both computers, unfortunately to no avail. All of our users are in Islands within Teams since we still have Skype for Business running. Nothing has changed in the Teams Admin portal for these users and they are the only two that have this issue. Any ideas?



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@jchimovitz Hi, are these two reusing an old chat? Is that the exact message they are receiving?


How does the following settings look like in the Teams admin portal.


  • Org-wide settings - Teams upgrade
  • Users - Account - Teams upgrade - Coexistence mode
  • Users - Policies - Assigned policies


What differentiates these two users from the others? Is the problem only between these two users?


@bec064 I'm not sure what constitutes an old chat. The Teams window continues a chat and when the user chooses to start a new chat with his supervisor, the same issue occurs. There is nothing that differentiates the two users. Their licenses are identical as are their computers and software that is installed (I control that) and the user has no issue calling or messaging anyone else in the organization. No one elses Teams shows that supervisor as an external contact. As far as the settings, all of the users are set identically except for my boss whose account is the admin. I'll have to wait for my boss to get in to get the settings you asked about. I can tell you everyone is currently set as islands though.  


@jchimovitz With old chat I meant if someone has been switched over to Teams-only for ex. with the Skype logo being show in the old Teams chat.


What does this mean? "No one elses Teams shows that supervisor as an external contact." I don't understand as you say it's happening between two internal users. But at least it explains the message you attached previously "due to org policy changes..." as it shows when trying to chat with an external user during specific configurations, more details explained here


Have you tried verifying the behavior using and also do a manual sign out / sign in from the top right corner. Try resetting the desktop app as well by deleting all content in %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams


Still I would take a look at the settings I attached in the previous reply.


@bec064 So definitely not in an old chat. 


What I meant by only the user and their supervisor was that they are the only two users this is affecting. So when the user tries to message their supervisor they are told that the supervisor is an external contact now instead of being part of our organization. That user is the only one who sees this message when trying to contact that specific supervisor. No one else has any issue calling or messaging that supervisor over Teams and that user only has the issue when trying to message or call that specific supervisor. here is an image of what occurs. 


I have reset the desktop app and had both users log out of Teams then reboot then log into Teams again. 

Hi, if you are not able to narrow it down by previous suggestions, such as comparison, settings, policies and the coexistence appearance you experience (showing as external for that user) I recommend opening a ticket with the official support.

Let me know how it goes!

@bec064 I have this exact same issue with two colleagues.  When I call them, it rings their Skype for Business, if they call me, it rings to Teams.  Both in Islands modes, nothing different about our accounts.  I had a long case open with Microsoft about this about a month ago and then the issue resolved itself, so I closed the ticket.  Unfortunately, it came back about a week later, but I haven't had the time to reopen the ticket.


@jchimovitz - if you're able to get a resolution, please post here - thanks!


@bec064 I appreciate your help here. I am attaching some images to hopefully answer your questions regarding the settings in the admin center. I have found that the user has issues not only on his computer but on other computers we have tested it from. 


@jchimovitz @bec064 I'm the person in my org who is affected by this, and it's only when I reach out to two specific colleagues.  Very strange. 


I did try clearing out my %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams folder and relaunching, and that seems to have fixed it.  


I have not tested yet, but I'm wondering if switching organizations will break it again (I have 2 external orgs I sometimes switch to).  Very odd that it's only with 2 specific people that it breaks though.